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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Gossip: Mona Chopra Turns Nude For 'Bath Tub' Scene!

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Mona Chopra of 'A Film by Aravind' fame, has no inhibitions in exposing. The Hindi film 'Red Swasthik' directed by Vinod Pande is being dubbed in Telugu as 'Murder – 2' by Pyramid Films. The film is a story of a psycho killer. Mona Chopra is playing the lead role in the film. She plays a glamorous psychopath in the film who seduces her victims and then finishes them off.
She is known for wearing short knickers bearing her legs and skimpy blouses revealing her 'assets'. She has crossed her own record in this film.
She stripped herself and turned complete nude in a 'Bathtub Scene'. It is usual for any gal to sink into bathtub waters with undergarments. To have the 'real'effect, she asked all the members of shooting crew to go out of bath room ,undressed herself completely , sink into the waters and get ready for shooting.
All including the director were immensely satisfied with the outcome of the shot.

Hyd Reel Buzz : Chiru now turns his attention to Chirutha!

Chiranjeevi's Shankar Dada Zindabad had many surprise elements in it. As the movie progressed, star after star lined up to play cameo roles. First it was Devi Sree Prasd, then Prabhu flowed and then a host of actors from Pawan Kalyan to Ravi Teja, Allu Arjun and Naga Babu appeared in brief roes. The idea was to raise audience interest in the film. But the result at the box office shows otherwise.

Now, Chiranjeevi is said to be planning a similar strategy for son Ram Charan Tej's debut film Chirutha. While this is being kept a big secret, news from the sets reveals that Chiranjeevi is indeed doing a guest appearance in the movie. And he is most likely to shake legs with his son in a song.

Ram Charan was also named to be included in a guest role in Shankardada Z. However, it was later dropped as Chiranjeevi felt that by showing a yet to debut actor in a guest role, it would do more harm than good to Chirutha and Charan.

However, in Chiranjeevi's case, the story is entirely different. His presence in Chirutha will not only be a big morale booster for his son, but it will definitely boost the fate of the film as well.

Chit Chat with Cherry ( Yama Donga Producer )

Cherry who made his debut as a producer with Okkadunnadu is now jointly producing NTR - Rajamouli combination film Yamadonga along with Urmila Gangaraju. Cherry at Prasad Labs where the rerecording of Yamadonga is taking place. Here are the excerpts of Cherry's interview about Yamadonga -

Tell us about how Yamadonga project happened?
Rajamouli called us one day and said that he would be directing a film for us on his banner Viswamitra creations. He wanted us to be the producers of his first venture on Viswamitra banner. He established this banner to make his own films and also to encourage new talent. We worried initially because it is very difficult to come up with a storyline that justifies the hype created because it is coming from a combination that delivered record-breaking Simhadri.

Rajamouli then went on a holiday and returned with the subject of a socio-fantasy. The main thread is similar to that of Yamagola - hero going to hell and returning to the earth. But he added lot of different aspects to it. The treatment is going to be completely different.

I would like to thank Rajamouli for making the producer of this film. He observed my passion for movies and ambition to produce big ventures and offered this film to me.

Yamadonga is touted as the costliest film ever made in Andhra Pradesh. What cost it so much?

1. Yamalokam set: The Yamalokam set for this film is erected in the biggest studio floor in Asia situated in Ramoji Film City. The biggest set in RFC was erected for Vaaji song in Sivaji and it occupied only 60% of the floor. The Yamalokam set occupied the 100% of the floor. It took around 2 months and 300 simultaneous workers to erect the set. It also took the same amount of time to dismantle it. We used 15 generators at a time to light up with floor. It took 4 days to set the lighting to that floor. I would like to give the entire credit to the art director Anand Sai and the art department of RFC.

2. Other sets: Except for one song, all other songs are shot in indoor or outdoor sets. These sets are also designed in grand style.

3. Remunerations: This film sports actors like NTR and Mohan Babu. There are seven heroines (Priyamani, Mamata Mohandas, Navaneet Kaur, Preethi Jingyani, Archana, Rambha and Khushboo) in this film. The other character artists are of top standards. It costs a lot to get quality cast. Rajamouli is the highest paid director in Telugu film industry.

4. The making: Yamadonga is the costliest Telugu film ever done. The production of this film took on massive scale.

Tell us about the camera work?
Senthil Kumar used the best available equipment to shoot this film. Since Yamalokam set demands a great amount of lighting, we procured almost all available lighting equipment from Hyderanad movie infrastructure providers. We had to borrow some of the lighting equipment from Chennai too.

What is the response of the music?
Yamadonga is unarguably the biggest music album from the combination of NTR-Rajamouli-Keeravani. It is the biggest audio hit in the career of NTR. Generally music lovers like a few songs in any album. But Yamadonga album got unanimous appreciation for all songs including Yamalokam bit songs. Valli (Vel Records) has done a fabulous job of distributing the album to the remotest areas of AP. The recording quality of Cds and cassettes is also excellent. The special booklet given inside album is a big hit. I have seen parents buying multiple copies of audio because each kid wants to have one for himself.

What about rerecording?
Keeravani started the work on 2 July and will complete it on 7 August. It is taking over a month. Keeravani is immensely enjoying rerecording as it is a challenging task to work for a socio-fantasy. Rerecording will be highlight of the film.

Tell us about graphics in this film?
Graphics work plays a very vital role because it is a socio fantasy. We employed various e-fx companies. Adel Edeli - a renowned 3D animator from Iran - did the 3-D work for the exterior of Yamalokam. EFX studio did the major work (around 90%) of the graphics part. They have been working on the film from April to August. Rajamouli did online editing and made sure that graphics work is done simultaneously along with the shooting.

Tell us about working with Mohan Babu?
We had a terrific experience working with a senior actor like Mohan Babu. We heard a lot of things about his earlier that he is a short-tempered man. But we realized that he is a very cool person to work with. He is very punctual on sets and is extremely professional. He has no short temper and threw no tantrums. He is a very nice person.

There is lot of buzz about NTR dances in this film?
NTR's new look helped him a lot. His dances are amazing. There are only one or two heroes like Allu Arjun in Telugu film industry who can perform superb dances. He will become number one dancer in Telugu film industry with his steps in Nachore song. Only dance master could do such kinds of steps. NTR does not need any rehearsals for dances. But for the steps in Nachore, he had to undergo a few rehearsals. The steps are so complicated and unique. His weight reduction also helped him a big time.

What about the rumors that Prabhas did the role of Viswamitra in Yamadonga?
It is partly true. Prabhas did the role of Viswamitra. But not for Yamadonga film. When Rajamouli wanted to design the logo of Viswamitra Creations, he needed a model for Viswamitra photo. He requested Prabhas as his physique is very good. Prabhas obliged for a photo shoot. The designer cut the physique of Prabhas and inserted in the logo of Viswamitra creations logo.

How many days did it take to shoot?
We started the shooting on 2 January and completed it by the end of July. It took us 148 working days spread over a span of seven months. We exposed around 2 lakhs feet of negative. This is very less compared to the theme of socio-fantasy and the making standards. We shot most of the film indoors by erecting massive sets in Ramoji Film City, Annapurna studios and Rama Naidu studios (Nanakram Guda).

When is Yamadonga is going to be censored?
It will be done on 8 August.

How many prints it is releasing with?
We are planning for 350+ prints released all over the globe on 15 August.

What is the final outcome of your debut film Okkadunnadu?
It is a satisfactory film for me financially. I made some money. The distributors broke even. The film started off in a great style, but collections dropped after a few weeks. It was the biggest grosser for Gopichand at that time. It was a brave attempt to make such flicks and I got great kick doing that project.

What are your future projects?
I have 3 projects lined up with crazy combinations. I will announce the details once these are confirmed.

Cinema Review : Gandhi My Father

Gandhi My Father
Punchline: the other side of Gandhi
Genre: Biography/History
Banner: Anil Kapoor Films Company
Cast: Darshan Jariwala, Akshaye Khanna, Shefali Shah & Bhoomika Chawla
Cinematography: David Macdonald
Art: Nitin Desai
Music: Piyush Kanojia
Editor: Sreekar Prasad
Costume: Sujata Sharma
Screenplay - director: Feroz Abbas Khan
Producer: Anil Kapoor
Release date: 3 August 2007

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This story is about Harilal Gandhi, eldest son of Mahatma Gandhi and how the father of nation ignored his own family and his son while fighting for independence. Harilal, aims to become a barrister and wants to study in England. But Gandhi's fight for Indian independence stands like a major obstacle in achieving his goal. Over a period of time, Harilal treads wrong paths and gets attracted towards wrong deed. The tag of Gandhi becomes unbearable for Harilal. He converts his religion into Muslim and reconverts to Hinduism later. He steals his company money to do the trade of foreign cloths ironically, when his father is campaigning vigorously about swadeshi cloths.

Actors performances
The performances of all characters in this film are exemplary. Darshan Jariwala is excellent as Gandhi. He resembles Gandhiji a lot. Akshaye Khanna is a revelation in this film. You feel for his character. Shefali Shah's work is first rate and she excelled in the scenes involving her son. Bhumika Chawla is awesome as Harilal's wife.
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Story - Screenplay - direction
The director Feroz Abbas Khan did a brave attempt to bring the most sensitive and vulnerable side of Gandhiji to the big screen on a big scale. But while doing the basic framework, the director has overlooked the holistic perspective and concentrated only on the relationship between Gandhi and Harilal. He did not even mention anything about Gandhiji's other three sons. If anybody who does not know Gandhiji so well watch this film, they would end up believing that Gandhiji has only one son called Harilal. Director extracted great performance from his cast. His direction is very good. He could bring out genuine emotions and transport them to the hearts of audiences very well. The way he dealt the mother - son episodes in this film speaks volumes about his ability.

Other departments
Cinematography of the film is superb. Music is fine. Editing is good. The make-up department should be commended for a fine work. Costumes deserve special mention. Artwork suited the pre-independence look. Anil Kapoor deserves a pat on his back for his fine taste in making cinemas.
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We have been reading about Gandhiji since our school days. But this film gives a different account about the personal tragedy of Gandhiji as he fought for nation by devoting more time to the country. Barring certain issues the director overlooked at script level, this film is a must watch for its performances and intense moments. You end out stepping out of the theater with emotion-filled heart.

Cinema Gola Rating :

Tollywood Film News 04-08-07 Latest

Yama clash on 15 August
15 August is likely to see a clash between two socio fantasies with Yama backdrop. NTR - Rajamouli combination’s huge budgeted Yamadonga and Srikanth-Venu’s low budgeted Yamagola (malli modalaindi) are expected to release on Indian independence day. Yamadona is having tremendous expectations as it is coming from an enviable pair of Rajamouli and NTR. Yamagola is an underdog on which nobody have any expectations.

Krishna Vamsi’s Chandamama complete
The shooting of Krishna Vamsi’s latest film Chandamama complete but for a song. Navadeep, Siva Balaji, Kajal Agarwal and Sindhu Menon play main leads. C Kalyan and S Vijayanand produce this film on Teja Cinema banner. Audio will release in august and movie will release in September. KM Radha Krishnan (Anand fame) composes music.

Mumaith Khan’s horror flick
After making her debut in the heroine oriented project ‘Maisamma IPS’, Mumaith Khan is all set to act in a horror flick in which she is going to do a full length heroine role. Item babe Mumaith Khan established herself as a character actress with Evadaithe Nakenti and Operation Duryodhana. This suspense and horror film will be produced by Uppalapati Yasodhar and Akula Ramesh on USA entertainments banner. Chakri composes music.

Lakshyam success tour from 8 August
The unit of successful film Lakshyam will be touring in Ongole, Guntur, Krishna, East, west and Vizag districts from 8th August to 12th August. The tour will start in Ongole (the hometown of hero Gopichand) on 8th and will end on 12th night in Vizag. Gopichand, Anushka, Nallamalupu Bujji, Srivas and other technicians will attend this tour.

Seema Sastry on 31 August
Allari Naresh is acting in many films these days and is making sure that there are around 3 releases an year. His next film Seema Sastri will release on 31 August. This film sports Farzana in female lead. Vandemataram composes music. Audio of the film will be launched on 9 August. G Nageswara Reddy (6 teens and girl friend fame) directs this film.

Ram Charan Teja Acting Like Pawan Kalyan

This is the new grapevine that is making rounds. The inside sources say that the body language of Ram Charan Teja resembles Pawan Kalyan to large extent. It is a known fact that the influences will fall on any young actor in initial days. It is said that his dialogue delivery is unique where no resemblance can be drawn with anyone. It is said he underplays but sounds perfectly well with the depth of every scene.

The unit members of 'Chirutha' also shared that Ram Charan Teja's dances are marvelous of all and his ease in carrying himself is on par with any experienced actor.

Well, with all this, the expectations are naturally boosting up. Let us wait to see the true image of him in September.

Snippet: Nallamalupu's Time Is Very Good!

Nallamalupu Sreenivas time is very good, say industry circles. Ever since he made the film 'Lakshmi', the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi are showering on him.

Nallamalupu recently made 'Lakshyam' and even that ended up with profits. Now he is trying to make a film with Siddhartha in the direction of Dolly, the assistant director of VV Vinayak. Apart from that Nallamalupu is again planning to make a film with Gopichand.

We have to see if he continues the sentiment of titling his films with the letter 'L' as both the films he titled so turned hits.

Talk: 'Most Telugu Producers are Illiterates'

One of the Tollywood writer-director-producers in a private conversation says the Telugu film industry is failing to produce good films, as most producers are not literate enough to understand scripts that have original content and are putting in money for time tested subjects.

Our producers mostly give money for subjects that ensure them good returns and are skeptical to fund a script that is different from the rest. I also feel that most of them are illiterate to understand good subjects," he said.

"The basic problem is that audiences also see bad films and hence producers prefer to give money for rip offs or stories that have been used before and can land hits. It is such a farce that we shout against piracy when we are operating on rip offs" he added.

"In recent years, everyone has seen that we can produce commercially successful films which need not follow the time-tested formulas," he said. "More and more producers should support such ventures for the good of the industry." The man who made a couple of small budget hit films on his own added that the film industry has to take some risks to support quality films.

May be the guy is sounding true but our money driven industry people will listen to this is a big question?

Gossip: Will Jagapathi Babu Remain A Hero?

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Will Jagapathi Babu continue his career as a hero or supporting hero? He is in Catch22 situation now. He proved himself successful in the film 'Lakshyam' as supporting hero. (Gopi Chand is the hero of the film.)
He made his mark as the supporting hero in many such films. He did the similar kind of role in the film 'Anukokunda Oka Roju'. While drawing comparison, he found himself more successful as a supporting hero.
He marked success as hero too in a few of the films. When he considers the age factor, he can be safe, if he confines to supporting hero roles, his advisors say.

Navadeep Takes Siddhartha as Inspiration

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Navadeep has been struggling for a break in the industry from many years. He acted in many films so far but ended up with all flops. A set of industry circles appreciate his acting skills but that is not just enough for getting a break.
Now Navadeep is deeply thinking about the reasons for his failures. It is said that he observed that the story lines and direction aspects are missing the targets. So he has chosen a path to hit the screen with selective format of subjects and directors.
He will be showing himself on screen with youth oriented mass flicks. It is rumored that Navadeep is taking the inspiration of Siddhartha in this matter.
Well, let us see if he can break through with that formula. Navadeep is trying with the same in Tamil as well. Yes, when Siddhartha is a star on Tollywood screen, why cant our Navadeep go Tamil Nadu and become star there?
Right now Navadeep is acting in 'Chandamama' with Kajal in the direction of Krishna Vamshi and the production of C Kalyan. He is hopeful on this film as big names are associated.

Reel Buzz: It's Not Just Pepsi For Allu Arjun!

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After Chiru, Pawan and Mahesh young hero Arjun is joining the bandwagon of endorsing commercial products. But he is going to do in his style. For the first time actor Arjun is set to walk the ramp for a clothes brand that he endorses.
He's got the looks, he's got the physique and he's got attitude. Yet, Allu Arjun has never walked the catwalk before. But that is going to change in next month. Next month Arjun will model for clothes by a top company brand that he endorses. He will be part of a fashion show co-ordinated by top designer of Mumbai.
The best of the glitzy evening will be saved for the last when Arjun will walk the ramp as the closing act of the fashion show.
While Arjun denies the whole thing but sources say he is looking forward to it because he likes to take on different challenges.
Meanwhile he has started working for his Dil Raju's film in which he will be seen in a different look.
Well, Arjun is also endorsing Pepsi.

Screen Talk: Rajamouli's Family Is Truly Artistic!

It's very rare to see a family in which each one is talented in each department.
SS Rajamouli is known as the successful and sensational director who can hold the pulse of audiences every time. He has seen no flop in his career till now. His father Vijayendra Prasad is a good writer who penned several stories. His uncle MM Keeravani is known for all as talented music director and singer. Keeravani's sister Sreelekha is in her brother's path. Keeravani's father Siva Shakthi Dutta is a great poet who got applauses from Jnanapeeth Awardee Vishwanatha Satyanarayana. Siva Shakthi Dutta's younger brother Late Kaasi was also a good singer and the great lover of literature. It's really a rare thing to see a cluster of talents in single family.
Now Rajamouli, the son of Vijayendra Prasad and NTR, the son of Harikrishna did the film 'Yamadonga'. In a couple of weeks both Vijayendra Prasad and Harikrishna are uniting to make a film as director and hero respectively. Vijayendra Prasad debuted as director with the film Sree Krishna 2006 last year.

Screen Talk: Trisha's Secret Admirer!

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Trisha, the Kollywood girl made Tollywood as her home with her talent. Despite her high remuneration and tantrums on sets Tollywood producers are behind her.
Along with producers a secret admirer is madly behind Trisha quite sometime.
Apparently Trisha's secret admire is form UK and this guy is so swept of his feet that he has sworn to remember even the minutest details about his favorite lady. He decides to give her one of the best compliments he could think of.
He now sends flowers and a card on every alternative day. Yes, you heard right. He has been sending the flowers regularly for last 4 months. "Obviously Trisha is extremely touched by the gesture and the love of her fan." informs our resource.
So path to Trisha's heart is flower path.

Trivikram's Sleeplessness For Pawan Kalyan?

Trivikram, as all of Tollywood lovingly calls him, has been spending a lot of sleepless nights now-a-days. The writer turned director is not the kind of person to spend time in starry company to get on the better side of movie. Trivikram is working hard for his next project starring Pawan Kalyan produced by Allu Aravind.

With lots of controversies and delays, moviegoers have to hold on to their nerves a bit longer to see the finished product. First the ace director cum actor Pawan is in the lead and he is in trouble with his domestic affairs. It is well know fact that Pawan himself calls the shots. Secondly this time Aravind wants to play safe and putting lots of constraints in film making because of bitter experience with Pawan in the past.

The producer Allu Aravind is the man who propelled Pawan's career with "Akkada Ammayee Ikkada Abbayi" and also produced his directorial debut Johnny. Both the films got lukewarm response and burned fingers of Producer Arvind.

With this kind of situations we can well imagine Trivikram's high stress levels. It is no easy feat. What do you say?

Reel Buzz: Two Heroines to Show in Bikini!

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Already Meera Jasmine announced that she is going to appear in swim suit in one of the films that is set to hit the screen. Now Nayantara also added to her list and she is appearing in two-piece bikini in one of the Tamil films that is hitting the floors.

It is said that Nayana is now worrying a lot for losing popularity in tinsel town after her split with Simbhu. So, she wants to show herself something new that turns the heads of everyone towards her, say some. For that she considered bikini show would be ideal.

Couple of weeks ago, Shreya also said the same about her desire to appear in bikini. If all these beauty queens show off in bikinis, can South Indian film lovers resist the heat!!!

Buzz: John trying his best to woo Bipasha again!

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The John Abraham and Bipasha Basu saga continues. The latest news about the on-and-off couple is that John is trying his best to woo Bipasha again. As a result, the two are now bonding over frequent lunches. Bipasha’s Khar pad has been conveniently fixed as the venue, as the actress has an efficient bunch of house staff. Her neighbours say that John’s car is often parked outside their apartment in the afternoon.

Close friends of the couple also indicate that John is making attempts to renew his ties with his girlfriend, and he is making sure that he spends quality time with Bips every day.

On the other hand, Saif Ali Khan is said to be partying with Bips almost every night! Kya believe karen?

AB launches Murthy's film

Logo launch - Yeh Dharti Hamari
Big B Amitab Bachchan is in Ramoji Film City to shoot for Ram Gopal Varma’s sarkar sequel. Red star R Narayana Murthy completed shooting his Hindi flick Yeh Dharti Hamari (The land is ours). R Narayana Murthy met AB and requested him to unveil the logo and poster designs of his film. Amitab Bachchan happily obliged and launched the logo and posters of this film on 2 August.

Movie Review : Himsinche 23 Va Raju Pulikesi

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Film: Himsinche 23 Va Raju Pulikesi
Cast: Vadivelu, Nazar, Manorama, Nagesh etc
Music: Sabhesh-Murali
Dialogues: Sree Rama Krishna
Producers: NV Prasad, Paras Jain
Story-Screenplay-Direction: Chimbu Devam
Release Date: 3rd Aug 2007

As the title suggests, writing this review is also a ‘himsa’. The film is not at all in tune with the expectations or the hype that is generated. Watching Vadi Velu in lead role for such a long time is troublesome for common man. If the comedy rolled well on screen then that would have been better. But there is no sufficient comedy in the film. The story is on beaten track that brings headaches to people.

Mani Varma (Nagesh) and Maharani (Manorama) beget 22 sons and all gets killed in the hands of Maha Manthri and Raja Guru (Nazar) secretly. Maharani begets twins. Raja Guru Calls an astrologer and the latter says that the younger one will be shrewd but the elder one will be a fool. Raja Guru keeps the fool (23rd Pulikesi) and makes the younger one (Ugra Bhargav) drop in a river. Ugra Bhargav grows up in other’s family. Raja Guru’s aim is to take entire kingdom in his control by making the 23rd Pulikesi a puppet in his hands.

Rest of the story is easily imaginable by our audiences. Raja Guru horrifies the people and makes everything play according to his whims and fancies by making 23rd Pulikesi a fool. The younger one comes in his brother’s place and settles the accounts.

The film starts with the voice of Shankar. He gives an introduction of the film and pleads Telugu audiences to patronize this film as it was a hit in Tamilnadu.

Vadi Velu appeared in dual role. He acted as a timid king on one hand and as brave warrior on the other. He justified his role but Telugu audiences may not relish him for such long time on screen. His voice is dubbed by Brahmanandam. Tanikella Bharani’s voice is given to the minister’s character beside Vadi Velu.

Nazar is adequate as main villain of the film.

Nagesh and Manorama are ok in their guest roles. There is nothing to say about female leads as they have no prominence in the film.

Cinematography, Art Direction and Direction are ok. But the spirit of the film and the style of narration tuned with the interest of Tamilians. But that may be difficult with Telugu audiences.

Telugu audiences have seen many films with this formula. Right from ‘Ganga Manga’ to ‘Rowdy Alludu’ there are many films of this sort. Like any other Shankar’s film the film appears to have made with social interest.

Scenes relating to ‘Utsaaha Paneeyam’ should be related to Cool Drinks of present era. The film condemns such drinks and promotes coconut water. Child labor, women welfare, health care etc are shown in the film with historical backdrop that suit to present era.

On whole, the film brings boredom than entertainment. Music is scored in old style to tantamount to historical fervor. Except a couple of scenes nothing brings laughter.

First half of the film is bore with artificial comedy scenes and the second half also runs in same fashion.

Bottom Line: Be careful...

Reel Buzz: Mumaith Khan's Tantra and Mantra!

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Along with spicy hot item numbers Mumaith Khan plays character roles with equal ease. The girl who played an important role in "Operation Duryodana" is going to sizzle in Dasari productions "Maisamma IPS" as a heroine. Many producers of Tollywood believe casting Mumaith will bring success!

Blind faiths prevail more in our Tollywood than any thing else. Every one is a lucky charm for all-From gems, stones, beads to even living beings. Even one co-star is lucky for other one: one actor is some director's lucky mascot.

Now Mumaith becomes lucky mascot for so many but this dusky beauty has not found her lucky charm in tinsel town yet. And probably doesn't need it, because the gal believes in the power of TANTRA. We heard that Mumaith follows a Tantric cult and even has guru in whom she vests all her faith. She wears an amulet given by him for success.

May our fading and out of form heroines follow Mumaith to chant success story soon. We have to wait to find that out, since we don't have any MANTRA to tell that.

Tollywood Head Lines 04-08-07

NTR's Kantri to be launched this month
NTR's Kantri will begin its shooting in September. But even before that it will have a formal launch. Two heroines are playing opposite NTR again. Hansika is confirmed for one role. Search is on for another heroine

Ram Charan Tej's Chirutha will begin its new schedule in Hyderabad from August 4th .

Buzz is that Tamil director Cheran is all set to make a film with hero Venkatesh who is fond of the director for his Tamil films.

Discussions are going on for Megastar Chiranjeevi's next film. Chiranjeevi will take decision only after he celebrates his birthday on August 22 nd.

Sukumar to direct a 'big hero' next!
Even after the flop of Jagadam, director Sukumar is flooded with many offers. He is likely to direct a 'big star' for his next film, according to film nagar reports.

Prabhas – Puri – Trisha film from Aug 23
Prabhas's new film to be directed by Puri Jagannadh will be launched on August 23. Devil Sri Prasad will give music to this film. This is third time Devisri scoring music for Prabhas film. Trisha is the heroine.

Vinayak, Ravi Teja film progresses
Ravi Teja and VV Vinayak film will begin its new schedule from 6th of this month. Heroine Trisha will join this new schedule. She is currently working for Tamil director Gowtham Menon's new film that has four new boys opposite her. It is her first lady oriented film.

Mallika Sherawat's Teneteegalu is ready
Mallika Sherawat's dubbed film, Teneteegalu, is all set to release on August 10th. There is a tremendous craze for this movie as it is advertised sexiest movie Mallika has ever done.

Nisha Falls In the Drowse of Bala Krishna

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Nisha Kothari alias Amoha is now happy for pairing up with Balakrishna in the film 'Okka Magadu'. She extends her feelings to media stating that she found warmth in the company of Balakrishna who spends with her very freely despite being a great star.

"I understood his stardom during the shooting of the film at some places. Thousands of fans thronged to see him", she said.

"Balakrishna is very humble, simple and amicable", added Nisha.

Well, Nisha, as her name suggests, must be in the drowse of Balakrishna now. The film 'Okka Magaadu' is set to release in a couple of months as per the present status.

Snippet : Will Kajal be lucky a second time?

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With Himesh Reshamiya's music and Nana Patekar in the film, Kajal is hoping to make a mark with Kalidasu.

Actress Kaajal is eagerly awaiting the release of her latest film Kalidasu to hit the screens. Her debut film Laxmi Kalyanam was a flop and she will be hoping to make amends with Kalidasu .

The film being directed by noted Tamil director Bharathi Raja has been shot simultaneously in both Tamil and Telugu. Action hero Arjun is playing the lead in the movie that is in the post production stage currently.

"It’s been a privilege to work with a co-star of the stature of Arjun in my second film. I thoroughly enjoyed myself on the sets of the film."

Himesh Reshammiya has composed the music for the movie which also stars Bollywood star Nana Patekar.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Yamadonga doing extraordinary business in US

We hear that Yamadonga did good business in USA. As of July 30th most of the centers for first 3 weeks business is closed. The movie has still 2 more weeks to release. USA is all gearing up to see a 11 print and 15 centres release of Yamadonga. This is first of such business for NTR starring film. This kind of respose never happned before for Jr. NTR. Distributors dispatched posters and vinyl banners already to all the exhibitors. Publicity in the local centres will start very soon.

Navadeep gets compliments from Krishnavamsi

Creative Director Krishnavamsi's film Chandamama is gearing up for the last schedule. Krishnavamsi is directing Navadeep, Siva Balaji, Kajal Agarwal and Sindhu Menon for this film. C Kalyan is producing the film for Teja Cinema banner. The unit was in Hampi recently. That schedule is completed and the unit is back in town. 3 songs were filmed in Hampi. Radhakrishna's music for this film is getting good reviews from the team. Also, Krishnavamsi seems to have been really impressed with Navadeep's performance in this film. There are good chances that the film might hit the screens in the first half of September.

Chirutha audio release function @Gachibowli stadium

Ramcharan teja's debut movie Chiruta audio will be launched on August 21st night on the eve of Chiranjeevi's Birthday(August 22nd).Gachibowli stadium is going to be the venue for this gala event of Chiruta audio release as well as Chiranjeevi's Birthday celebrations.

Chiruta 3rd schedule shooting was completed recently in Bangkok and final schedule shooting will take place in Hyderabad.Producer Aswani Dutt is planning to release the film on September 22nd.

Cash Movie Review

Cash follows Dhoom 2 genre. But star cast and thrills are not at par with Dhoom 2. Script is the scapegoat in this stylish and exotic flick
Punchline: saath
Genre: Heist
Banner: Seven Entertainment, Adlabs Films Ltd, Sohail Maklai Entertainment Pvt Ltd & ASP White
Cast: Ajay Devgan, Shamita Shetty, Sunil Shetty, Dia Mirza, Esha Deol, Ritesh Deshmukh & Zayed Khan
Lyrics: Vishal Dadlani & Panchhi Jalonvi
Music: Vishal Dadlani - Shekhar Ravjiani & Ranjit Barot
Choreography: Remo & Rajeev Goswami
Cinematography Ravi Walia
Action Antony Stone
Editor: Amarjeet Singh
Story: Vinay Yash
Dialogues - director: Anubhav Sinha
Producer: Anubhav Sinha, Sohail Maklai & Anish Ranjan
Release date: 3 August 2007

Karan (Ajay Devgan) is a con-man who acts like a gentleman in the presence of his sweetheart and top cop Shania (Shamita Shetty). Angad (Sunil Shetty) is a mafia don who executes his missions with the help of his girlfriend Aditi (Dia Mirza). Aditi and Karan are execute a crime together. Besides, all these activities. Karan has an independent group of heist experts Puja (Esha Deol), Lucky (Ritesh Deshmukh) and Danny (Zayed Khan). The entire story takes place in South Africa. Angad summons the gang to steal 3 precious diamonds. But things go wrong in between these conmen after they get hold of the diamonds. The rest of the story is all about whether cop Shania catches this gang or not.
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Actors performances
Ajay Devan is very good with his terse outlook. He underplayed well in scenes that involve dark humor. Sunil Shetty is perfect as ruthless don. Zayed Khan and Ritesh Deshmukh are pretty alright as the heist experts vying for the attention of the same lady. Shamita Shetty fits the bill. But an actress of biggest stature would have got more prominence to the cop role she played. Dia Mirza is prim and most of her footage confines just for close-up and smiles. Esha Deol is bland in this film and she did not suit the role. Ayesha Takia does a guest appearance.

Story - Screenplay - direction: Story is heavily inspired by a plethora of Hollywood films of heist genre. Taking of the film is stylish with exotic locations. The director used cartoon (animation) narration. This kind of narration seems to have been inspired from Run Lola Run and Sin City. The screenplay of the film gets weaken in the latter part of the film. The drama aspect of the film gets a beating because the cop role played by Shamita Shetty appears dumb.

Other departments: Songs of the film are short and well shot. Photography is excellent. Locations chosen in South Africa are very good. Editing is crisp and to the point. Fights are well conceived. Production values of the film are grand.
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Analysis: First half of the film is alright. Second half slows down. This film follows the path of Dhoom 2. But what worked for Dhoom 2 was the right star cast and excellent thrills. Dhoom 2 made us forget about logic and enjoy the thrills. But in Cash, we end up questioning the logic and the script value as the star cast and the thrills did not workout that well. The runtime of the film needs to be trimmed as each and every scene is shot as if it is the introduction of hero character.

indfilmnews.blogspot Rating:

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Tollywood Film News 03-08-07 Latest

Cheran to direct Venkatesh?
Efforts are on to rope in popular Tamil director/actor Cheran to direct Venkatesh. As per the sources of idlebrain.com, Sri Sai Deva Production that produced two hit films Vasantham and AMAV with Venkatesh in the past are planning to produce a film in the combination of Venkatesh and Cheran. Cheran directed the path breaking Tamil flick ‘Autograph’.

Ramesh varma to direct Sri Sri
Popular poster designer Ramesh Varma who made his debut with Oka Voorilo is going to direct a film titled ‘Sri Sri’ very soon. A new music director called Murari will make his debut. Sunil Reddy handles cinematography. Sri Jyothy Creations that produced Kokila last year is going to produce this film. Sri Sri will go to floors in September. More details later.

Vijayendra Prasad to direct Hari Krishna
Hari Krishna is going to act in a film after a considerable gap. This film will be directed by Vijayendra Prasad who penned stories for films like Samarasimha Reddy, Simhadri, Yamadonga etc. He also made his debut as director last year with ‘Sri Krishna 2006’. This film is expected to be produced by NTR Arts that gave a blockbuster ‘Okkadunnadu’ in the past.

Allare Allari on 10 August
The much delayed project Allare Allari is finally hitting the screen on 10 August. This film features Venu, Allari Naresh, Parvati Melton and Mallika Kapoor in the main leads. Muppalaneni Siva directed this film. SK Basheed produced it.

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