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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Movie Review : Himsinche 23 Va Raju Pulikesi

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Film: Himsinche 23 Va Raju Pulikesi
Cast: Vadivelu, Nazar, Manorama, Nagesh etc
Music: Sabhesh-Murali
Dialogues: Sree Rama Krishna
Producers: NV Prasad, Paras Jain
Story-Screenplay-Direction: Chimbu Devam
Release Date: 3rd Aug 2007

As the title suggests, writing this review is also a ‘himsa’. The film is not at all in tune with the expectations or the hype that is generated. Watching Vadi Velu in lead role for such a long time is troublesome for common man. If the comedy rolled well on screen then that would have been better. But there is no sufficient comedy in the film. The story is on beaten track that brings headaches to people.

Mani Varma (Nagesh) and Maharani (Manorama) beget 22 sons and all gets killed in the hands of Maha Manthri and Raja Guru (Nazar) secretly. Maharani begets twins. Raja Guru Calls an astrologer and the latter says that the younger one will be shrewd but the elder one will be a fool. Raja Guru keeps the fool (23rd Pulikesi) and makes the younger one (Ugra Bhargav) drop in a river. Ugra Bhargav grows up in other’s family. Raja Guru’s aim is to take entire kingdom in his control by making the 23rd Pulikesi a puppet in his hands.

Rest of the story is easily imaginable by our audiences. Raja Guru horrifies the people and makes everything play according to his whims and fancies by making 23rd Pulikesi a fool. The younger one comes in his brother’s place and settles the accounts.

The film starts with the voice of Shankar. He gives an introduction of the film and pleads Telugu audiences to patronize this film as it was a hit in Tamilnadu.

Vadi Velu appeared in dual role. He acted as a timid king on one hand and as brave warrior on the other. He justified his role but Telugu audiences may not relish him for such long time on screen. His voice is dubbed by Brahmanandam. Tanikella Bharani’s voice is given to the minister’s character beside Vadi Velu.

Nazar is adequate as main villain of the film.

Nagesh and Manorama are ok in their guest roles. There is nothing to say about female leads as they have no prominence in the film.

Cinematography, Art Direction and Direction are ok. But the spirit of the film and the style of narration tuned with the interest of Tamilians. But that may be difficult with Telugu audiences.

Telugu audiences have seen many films with this formula. Right from ‘Ganga Manga’ to ‘Rowdy Alludu’ there are many films of this sort. Like any other Shankar’s film the film appears to have made with social interest.

Scenes relating to ‘Utsaaha Paneeyam’ should be related to Cool Drinks of present era. The film condemns such drinks and promotes coconut water. Child labor, women welfare, health care etc are shown in the film with historical backdrop that suit to present era.

On whole, the film brings boredom than entertainment. Music is scored in old style to tantamount to historical fervor. Except a couple of scenes nothing brings laughter.

First half of the film is bore with artificial comedy scenes and the second half also runs in same fashion.

Bottom Line: Be careful...

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