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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Telugu Film News 31-08-2007

23va Raju Pulakesi on August 3
Megasupergood Films is brining highly successful Tamil comedy starring Vadivelu. The Telugu version is titled Hinsinche 23va Raju Pulakesi. Tamil director Shankar originally produced it. His recent film "Shivaji' was a big hit. So Megasupergood Films is banking on this project too. Comedian Vadivelu plays a king in the 17 th century who is very eccentric. Producer NV Prasad today (July 30, 2007) informed the media that the film would hit the screens on August 3rd.

Bapu – Charmi film in progress
Allari Naresh and Charmi have paired together in veteran director Bapu's film. The film produced on Chaitra Cinema Circuit banner is leaving for Coastal area to can key scenes in the Bobbili, Vijayanagaram, Araku and other scenic spots. Produc K. Aparna informed about the film's progress in a press note. She said the film has modern touch with entertainment, politics and family values mingled with each other. A 13-day schedule from July 9 – 21 st in Hyderabad was also finished recently, she added.
She informed that it would have six songs that are penned by Bapu's favorite Veturi. Jonnavittula too writes couple of songs to the tunes of Vidyasagar.

Lakshmi Putrudu Logo unveiled
Uday Kiran and Diya starrer "Lakshmi Putrudu" is progressing very fast. It has completed 70 percent of shooting. In August its music too would hit the market. On this scenario, the unit unveiled the film's logo at a press meet held at Film Chambers of Commerce premises at Film Nagar, Hyderabad.
Uday Kiran expressed his joy that it has been shaping out well. Producer Polisetty Rambabu said that the film would hit the bull's eye. "We are planning to release the audio in the first week of August. Film too releases by the end of month," he said.

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