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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Screen Buzz: Allare Allari May Not Release?

Grapevine says that the film 'Allare Allari' produced by Basheed May not release at all. The film has got some problem as told before and hence the distributors have to deal only with the Film Chamber. On a whole, the delay is very big and sources say that Muppalaneni Shiva, the director of the film bagged very big with this film apart from his remuneration. It is said that he pocketed big lot of commission in various aspects. Many in the industry support Muppalannei as that is bound to happen as the producer wasn't there in the show to look after various purchasing and hiring aspects. So, it's Mupalaneni who did that extra-job as well.

Taking the extra pay is indeed not a wrong, say many.

Apart from this, unconfirmed sources said that Venu took Rs 20 lakh as remuneration and Allari Naresh 25 lakh. Parvati Melton did the job at Rs 15 lakh while Mallika Kapoor did at Rs 10 lakh. Almost all the technicians and artistes worked for this film are happy with remunerations.

It's only Basheed who has to be happy. But that appears to be far to reach.

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