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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Srikanth Showing Extra Vigor With Meera Jasmine

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'Yama Gola' is the film that is being made with Srikanth, Venu, Reema Sen and Meera jasmine. The shooting of the last song is going on at Bangkok starting from yesterday. .Sreenivasa Reddy is directing the film. It is said by the observers that Srikanth is showing extra vigor while dancing with Meera Jasmine. That's drive with passion and interest on the co-star, say many. The hot and sensuous beauty Meera Jasmine has the power to pump in vigor in Srikanth with her figure.

The shooting part of that song will last for 4 days and the RR work is also starting on parallel tracks. The film would release in this month only it seems. So, it's going to cash along with 'Yama Donga' that is releasing this month. The film is made with heavy sets and big budget.

We have to see how far this film wins at box office in a big tug with NTR's 'Yama Donga'.

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