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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Gossip: EVV's Hobson's Choice Abhinaya Sri!

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Director EVV has failed to find an alternative to Abhinayasri for a vamp role in his film, 'Pellayindi Kaani…' He has tried five different women to replace her. He tried 'Bhuvaneswari' of 'Nuvvante Nakishtam' and found not suitable for the role.

Every one involved in the film wondered, why he was too particular in keeping Abhinayasri aside. He has no long –brewed hatred for her. The role resembled the vamp role in 'Attili Satti Babu', which Abhinayasri played.

If the same artiste plays similar role, audience feels monotony. As he found no alternative, he had to retain her.

EVV seriously feels there is acute shortage of gals to play vamp roles.

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