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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Reel Buzz: Two Heroines to Show in Bikini!

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Already Meera Jasmine announced that she is going to appear in swim suit in one of the films that is set to hit the screen. Now Nayantara also added to her list and she is appearing in two-piece bikini in one of the Tamil films that is hitting the floors.

It is said that Nayana is now worrying a lot for losing popularity in tinsel town after her split with Simbhu. So, she wants to show herself something new that turns the heads of everyone towards her, say some. For that she considered bikini show would be ideal.

Couple of weeks ago, Shreya also said the same about her desire to appear in bikini. If all these beauty queens show off in bikinis, can South Indian film lovers resist the heat!!!

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