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Monday, August 20, 2007

Heroines Gallery

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Buzz: T Subbarami Reddy Is Afraid Of His Wife!

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This is the grapevine that is making rounds. T Subba Rami Reddy is very generous with the people under him- like servants, drivers, chefs and all. The people working under him only say that. Apart from this, they also say other thing.

"He gives away whatever we ask when he is alone. He gave away Rs 50,000 in 10 seconds when one among us asked for the marriage of the daughter. He gave Rs 10,000 in 5 seconds when one asked for a dire need. But when he sits at home and his wife is around he never gives a pie. We don't say he is henpecked but in the matter of donating money, yes he is henpecked. He only gives money without the knowledge of his wife to people like us. Subba Rami Reddy ji's wife is very calculated and she shouts a yell if she notices that her husband is giving away money for poor and needy", said a person from the workers' group on TSR.

That's really an interesting thing to underline.

Pawan Kalyan 'manages' to escape trial

Power star Pawan Kalyan, who is involved in a bigamy case, seems to have managed everyone from top to bottom to see that he would not attend the court.

The additional chief metropolitan magistrate of Visakhapatnam gave one more month time to the city police to submit a detailed report of the investigation of the bigamy case filed against actor Pawan Kalyan, by his estranged wife Nandini. After listening to the III town CI Annepu Narasimha Murthy seeking some more time to submit detailed report, the magistrate directed the police to submit it by September 20.

The police had earlier sought adequate time to furnish requisite information, prior to the last hearing on July 26 and the court conceded their request. July 26 was also the day when Pawan Kalyan was to depose before the judge. However, he abstained from the hearing by expressing his inability to attend, through an affidavit. As a consequence, the judge posted the case for further hearing on September 6. So, lot of time is there for Pawan to manage more people!!

Chandamamma Audio Album

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Krishna Starts Praising Namrata Sirodkar!

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Super Star Krishna now has all the praise for daughter-in-law Namrata Sirodkar. As his son Mahesh Babu married her against his wishes, he kept her at bay till a few weeks ago. But a tragedy at their home made him accept her wholeheartedly.

His mother-in-law and Mahesh Babu's maternal grand mother passed away recently. Of all, it was Mahesh Babu who worried lot for her death.( She brought him up when he was a child.).

Namrata too broke down along with her hubby. Krishna was moved for her affection towards his son. Krishna consoled the two and started showering fatherly affection for her.

Gossip: Uday Kiran Considers Himself Cursed Hero!

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Uday Kiran still finds himself a cursed hero, though he has the films ‘Viyyalavaari Kayyalu’ and ‘Lakshmiputrudu’ on hand.

Though Mega Star Chiranjeevi is kind enough to pardon him for breaking the betrothal with his daughter causing serious damage to the formers reputation, the other members of Chiru’s family still hate him. Udaykiran is repeatedly praising Chiru in all the forums for clemency.

But Chiru’s family members are not at all willing to consider him an actor. ‘Had I committed wrong against them, I would take the deserving punishment for ten more of my successive births’, Uday confessed in Chiru’s close aides of late.

Box-Office: 'Yamadonga' Topped and Rest Dropped


This week proves to be very weak for Tollywood. A Hindi film is bagging well when compared to other Telugu films other than the newly released 'Yamadonga'.

1. Yamadonga:
The collections of the film have been good since the release of the film as it was released with huge expectations. Till now status of the film is ok and takes pposition-1 in the toppers list of the week. NTR's new slim look, Mohan Babu as Yama and SS Rajamouli's factor is the main energies for the film.

2. Chak De India
This is interesting to note that the Hindi film Chak De is getting bigger response in Hyderabad than any other Telugu film after Yamadonga. The collections of the film are good and Sharukh's performance as Hockey coach stood as highlight for the film. It has got the emotional quotient in it that is appealing masses and youth. The film sits in position 2 of the toppers list of the week.

3. Shankardada Zindabad
The collections of the film are going down and a heavy drop is observed. Lack of publicity and true copy-cat of Lage Raho Munnabhai killed the film on a whole. Chiranjeevi was not received well by masses in that soft non-violent Gandhian role. It sits in position 3 of the toppers list of the week.

4. Lakshyam
The drop in collections is observed but still it is running considerably well. The combination of Gopichand and Jagapathi elevated the mass appeal of the film. On a whole it sits in position-4 in the toppers list of the week.

5. Allare Allari:
This comedy film appealed only for a few but one a whole it is regarded as the old style humor and nothing new. The film has Venu, Allari Naresh, Mallika Kapoor and Parvati Melton. The film is not doing that good and the drop in collections is observed. It is on the verge of box office list of the week.

Screen Talk: Rajamouli's Big Blunder!

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Rajamouli is basking in the success of his latest film Yamadonga with NTR. The new slim look of Jr. NTR is one of the much talked about subjects about the film. While many are happy with his new slim looks and well toned body, there are some who feel that he was good in his earlier sturdy avatar, where he was fondly referred to as Bandodu.

Now, coming to the point, NTR did excel in his role as the young Yamadharmaraju. He even brought back memories of his late grandfather NT Rama Rao with his dialogue delivery. While all this was good, he really looked a little weak as Yama. Many people were seen commenting that NTR would have been even more effective as Yama, had he not lost so much weight.

So can't help but feel that an experienced director like Rajamouli should have known better. If he wanted NTR to shed weight for his role as a petty thief, then he should have shot the scenes of NTR as Yama first and after completing them, he could have asked NTR to shed weight.

That way he would have been a winner on both counts. What do you say?


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Sekhar Kammula’s ‘Happy Days’ audio release is happening on the 24th of August. Get a chance to meet Sekhar Kammula and his new cast of actors at the audio release function.

Happy Days is a must watch for everyone who has experienced the wonder years at college. Its refreshing new wave music is being released on that day.


1. You must be below 23 years of age to enter

2. You must be either studying or just graduated from college.

3. You must have a valid college ID.

4. You will need to upload your latest photo and send it to the email address below
Please enter the following information.

*Please send your picture as an attachment.

6.Please answer the following question - “Who composed the music of Happy Days?"

7.Please send all the above info to this email address, teamhappydays@gmail.com

The winners will be notified by phone. You will need to collect the invites on the day of the audio function, i.e 24/08/07. The function starts from 5:00pm onwards.

The winners will need to produce their college id’s and invites. The winners will also be expected to represent their college by bringing in their college banners etc.

The winners will get merchandise material, photo-ops with the cast and Sekhar, and dinner with the stars right after the event.

So hurry and apply for the lucky phone call.

Tollywood Film News 20-08

Athidi on 3 October
The shooting of Athidi film is going on a brisk pace now. The shooting of the film is currently going on in Aluminum factory in Hyderabad. Mani Sharma composes music. The audio will be released on 5 September and the movie is expected to hit the marquee on 3rd October.

Chirutha audio on 22 August
Music of Ram Charan Teja’s debut film Chirutha is all set to release on 22nd August 2007, which happens to be the birthday of Chiranjeevi. Aditya music will release the music directly into the market. There will not be any audio function as Chiranjeevi is out of country. Currently the introduction song of hero is going on in the dance direction of Lawrence. The unit would go to Australia to shoot the remaining two songs on Ram Charan Teja and Neha. The expected release date of the film is 14 September.

Srikanth acts in a Kannada film
Telugu hero Srikanth acted in a Kannada film titled Ugadi. This film stars Ravi Chandran as hero. Incidentally, this is the remake of Telugu blockbuster Santosham. Srikanth played the role performed by Prabhu Deva in Telugu. Jennifer Kotwal and Kamna Jetmalani play female leads.

Chitchat with Puri Jagan

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Puri Jagan who introduced his brother Sairam Shankar as a hero with his 143 film is coming out with a second venture with him again 'Hello Premistara' directed by Raj Kumar. This film is all set to release on 30 August. Puri Jagan met scribes today for a brief chitchat. Here are the excerpts -

What is the reason for producing this film?
Dil Raju sent me the director Raj Kumar for a narration. I loved the story. He narrated it with lot of clarity. Dil Raju wanted to make a film with Sairam Shankar. But he could not do it alone because of his other commitments. That is the reason why we decided to produce it jointly.

How different is this love story compared to other love flicks?
It is a nice story. Hero works in a mobile network company called Airtalk. Heroine works as an anchor in a TV program called 'Hello Premistara'. That is the reason why we have chosen Hello Premistara as the title. This story will be new.

You worked with Sairam Shankar for 143. Do you see any improvement in him as an actor since then?
He matured himself as an actor. He would improve more if he does a few more flicks.

How important is music for this film?
Chakri scored wonderful music. Earlier also there were lots of musical hits in our combination. Music will play a big role in the success of this film. The audio generated good response. 'Ninna Monna Yedalo levu' is my personal favorite.

Did you give any suggestion to director Raj Kumar?
I told him that Sairam Shankar is not a big hero. Hence asked him to complete the movie in adequate footage.

Is there any importance to the comedy in this film?
This film would provide a lot of entertainment. Brahmanandam, Ali, Mallikharjuna, MS Narayana and Sunil are doing humor oriented roles.

What kind of roles you want to see Sairam Shankar in?
Sairam is suitable for rough characters.

Do you think it would help Sairam because he happens to be your brother?
I think it only helps for the first show on the first day. After that it is up to the quality of the film.

Have you seen Hello Premistara film?
Yes. It came out very well. There will be terrific comedy and it is the integral part of the story. Songs are also picturized well.

What can we expect in a film that is coming from the producers of Bommarillu and Pokiri?
It will be a good film. But it is unreasonable to expect something extraordinary because it is coming from us.

Tell us about heroine Sheila?
Sheila is a Telugu girl and we are seeing a Telugu girl acting as heroine in Telugu films after a long gap. She did very well. Impressed by her work, Dil Raju cast her as heroine in his film with Allu Arjun as hero.

Will Sairam Shankar settle as hero with this film?
I am sure that this film will be a plus for him and he will establish himself as hero. Even if it fails, I would do another film for him

Directors are becoming heroes. Do you want to become a hero?
There is a hero in every director. There is a director in every hero. But it will be in the best of film industry's interest, if heroes remain as heroes and directors remain as directors.

Do you think there is scarcity of stories in Telugu? How do you update yourself?
It is not proper to discuss about this topic. I stopped watching Telugu films 16 years back. I watch Hollywood flicks and prepare stories based on them.

Do you want to make films like Missamma and Gundamma Katha?
I want to do pure realistic cinema. I would make such a film if time permits.

You would continue doing big films or you direct small films too?
I got recognition through my small budget films. Hence I would continue directing small films at regular intervals.

Will you do a film with Pawan Kalyan?
I want to do it. But we are not getting the right story.

Tell us about Chiruta?
Talkie part is over. Shooting of 3 songs is pending. The audio will be released directly into market this month. We will release the film in the next month.

What is your future project?
My next film will have Prabhas as hero.

Reel Buzz: Who Is Sexy Rambha's Groom?

It's a strange irony. Sultry Rambha knows what she will wear on her wedding day. But she doesn't seem to know whom she will wear it for.
Rambha doesn't have any plans to marry in the near future. Nor does she seem to have found the man she would be marrying. Her rumored love affair with businessman doesn't seem to go beyond friendship.
However, Rambha admits that when she gets married it would be in a Hindu ceremony. The reason is that she has always wanted to get married in a Kanchi Pattu sari at Tirupathi.
According to Rambha, an elegant yellow sari makes for a perfect bridal dress; even she got pair of saris exclusively for her marriage. We wish she could get a chance to wear them very soon.
Apart for her marriage blues her item song in 'Yamadonga' got good reviews. We are going to see more of them in future.

Reel Talk: Keeravani Says Bollywood Is Waste!

MM Keeravani is known for Telugus as renowned music director and he is also well known with the name MM Kreem for Bollywood people. But Keeravani doesn't like scoring music for Hindi films. And know the reason in his own words.
Keeravani says, "I have to tell you a secret about Bollywood. It sounds big but matters nothing. The budget of Bollywood film music is very less. We cannot call for a 20 violinists to score a profound background. I scored music for 'Jism' and that was a hit. I got many calls after that. But when the budget matter came, the producers turned highly calculated. That bothered me and hence I didn't take up any. Telugu film music is the richest one".
When asked about the stardom factor on today's music, Keeravani said, "Big maestros in classical music are depending on Gods and Goddesses and making albums on them. No body is there to listen to the music on nature and love in classical arena. Same is the cas with us. We are depending on Chiranjeevi, Balakrishna or any other star. Our business runs only on them and the music scored on them as they have fans and followers".
Finally he asked not to brand himself as the music director for devotional films taking Annamayya and Sree Ramadasu into consideration. He added, "Poor Vandemataram Sreenivas was branded as music director for revolutionary films. Don't put me in that trap".

Supreme Court grants bail to Bollywood actor Dutt

The Supreme Court on Monday granted interim bail to Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt in the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts` case. Six more convicts who had applied for ex-parte bail have also been granted relief by the apex court.
The bail is valid till he gets a copy of the TADA court judgement. Reports have stated that a copy of the TADA court judgement might be handed over to Dutt by Aug 24.
Dutt`s lawyers should reach Yerawada jail before the 5 pm deadline with a copy of the Supreme Court order for the completion of the formalities to ensure his release by tonight.
There is no confirmation yet that Dutt has been informed of the same.
The petitioners were seeking bail on the grounds that the TADA court has not announced detailed judgements till now and hence they are not in a position to challenge their conviction and sentence on merit.
All petitioners were seeking ex-parte bail.

Gopichand made the small screen hot yesterday in the 'Jara Masti Jara Dhoom' show with Ramya Krishna.
Amma Rajasekhar has come amidst and said, "I thought Gopichand was very shy going. I composed a pose with lip kiss scene in the film Lakshyam with Anushka. I thought Gopichand wouldn't agree for that. But when I asked he simply said 'ok' and carried with the scene".
Listening to that Ramya Krishna and Gopichand shared the laughter.
Then saying about heroines for a question, Gopichand said, "Ileana looks sexy, Anushka looks lovely, Trisha looks lively and Nayantara looks bubbly".
Gopichand also said that he likes Aishwarya Rai. Ramya said, "She got married". Then Gopi replied, "No problem. It's ok".
Then Ramya Krishna again laughed loudly for that. Gopichand also revealed that he had crush for Sridevi in earlier years.
That way, the show went on with lots of questions and answers on heroines and their beauty.

Lonely Reema Sen isn't Dating Anyone

Beautiful Bengali babe Reema Sen says she is very much single.
Reema Sen is one of the eligible single girls of southern filmdom. The gorgeous looking actress has had her share of romantic experiences in the past.
Just one-and-a-half year ago she was believed to be dating actor Vishal. Although neither of the two acknowledged the relationship, they were often spotted together at various dos. Today, Reema Sen says her relationship with Vishal is over. They parted ways almost a year back.
So is there a new man in her life?
Reema Sen denies it. She claims she is single. But she also adds that there are some days when she feels lonely and she wishes for someone who could be in a close relationship. Otherwise, her acting assignments in films keep her busy enough to not feel lonely.
Presently, Reema Sen is pinning her hopes on forthcoming "Yamagola". The film has Reema Sen playing a modern girl character. She is paired with Venu.

Cops yet to file report in Pavan Kalyan case

Police are likely to seek more time from the court to file a report in the Pavan Kalyan-Nandini bigamy case.
Sources in Visakhapatnam said the police are likely to file a memo in the court in this regard.
The court had given police time till August 20 to file the report. However, the police have not interrogated the actor or his family, who were named by Nandini in her case filed in the first additional metropolitan magistrate court on June 24.
A police official told media that due to paucity of time, they could not go to Shirdi where Pavan had reportedly married Renu Desai.

Suman Talks Philosophical About His Career

Suman was the most sought-out actor in earlier years, but after a long hibernation in prison, he started his second innings at slow pace. In his third innings he started playing divine roles and other prominent characters.
"Rajni Kanth and I acted in the Tamil film 'Thee' long back in which I beat him as he makes a mistake. But watch the scene after 25 years in Sivaji. Rajni beats me on the terrace of the college building in climax. That's the change in film industry. No one knows what happens in future. That is the magic of Cine field", said Suman with a philosophical smile.
He also said that it was after 25 years of gap that he made his presence on Tamil screen directly. His last Tamil film was 'Darling Darling'.
"Since I was playing divine roles in Telugu, initially I hesitated to play villain in Sivaji. But Shankar convinced me saying that the role will be decent and he did that", added Suman.
Suman says that he is open for any type of role if that sounds decent. But his budget is little big now followed by Sivaji.

Hyd Buzz : Lagadapati Tests On His Family First!

Lagadapati Sreedhar, the young producer, says that he tests his films on his family members first and then releases only when they get satisfied. He says that he spends lot of time in watching films and making films as known by all. After the film was made, when the first positive is to be watched, he takes his family members along with kids and comes to conclusion only when they are satisfied. He also said that all his family members felt happy watching the films made by him so far.
He is now making Viyyalavari Kayyalu and said that it will be a wholesome family entertainer with lots of entertainment in that, which caters for all age groups and all sections of audiences.
Let us see if Lagadapati finds success again.

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