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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Buzz: Mumaith Khan's Fresh Claim Rs 35 Lakhs

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Mumaith Khan's price for an item song is Rs 1.5 lakh initially but now she is claiming Rs 15 lakhs per song. And there are producers who are ready to pay that for her and hire. She is acting as heroine in the films 'Maisamma IPS', 'Manga Thayaru Tiffin Centre' and 'Fun and Masti'. Her remuneration claim for a film as heroine is Rs 35 lakhs.

Like Rakhi Swanth, now Mumaith also hired personal body guards to protect her. When she was out on a public function recently, many young guys have fallen on her and disturbed her. This made her uncomfortable and hence hired guards.

The family of Mumaith is a poor one living in the suburbs of Mumbai. Now her entire family is living on Mumaith's earnings. So, Mumaith stands as inspiration for some who aim at film industry and grow from rags to riches.

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