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Friday, July 27, 2007

Telugu Movie Ticket Prices in USA by Chaitanya

In the last few years in USA, we have seen most of the merchandise that we use daily going up year by year, like gas price going up from less than a dollar from few years back to now 3 plus dollars and many items similarly. But Telugu Movie ticket prices were stand still at $10, until recent times, which was affordable for every Telugu Movie lover. Now with the increase in gas prices, shipping charges, Theater rentals and fall of dollar value we definitely need hike in ticket prices. But how much hike is needed?
As an exhibitor I would say bringing it up by few bucks like say $12-13 for the increased costs would make sense. And if the movie is being screened in top quality theaters like AMC/Cinemark, $15 would be pretty much it in the process of providing quality. But unfortunately, for a "Mega" movie that is releasing, tickets were priced at more than $20 at many centers. And the reason told by those exhibitors is hike is shipping prices and fall of dollar value which is not at all convincing. Shipping did not increase to double nor dollar value did not fall to half all of the sudden. But the truth is that the exhibitors paid huge amounts as screening rights to the distributor and the distributor to producer. Finally this burden is being levied on the common man. And the final laughs are for Telugu Movie producer who is ultimate beneficiary, not the exhibitor or distributor. These kinds of decisions are taking Telugu Movies away from common man and there by increasing piracy.
There are no laws in US that can restrict the ticket prices, like in India. But it will be the people who have to judge and decide if its worth to watch the movie paying such heavy prices or boycott watching the movie so that the concerned people will learn lesson and not repeat these cheap tricks again. My request to every exhibitor is "Telugu Movie is taking lions share in entertaining thousands of telugu people abroad who are missing their culture and mother land. Please don’t take this away from them. Getting Telugu Movie screening rights in US is not great, but presenting it in Quality theaters and in affordable price, is what you will be appreciated for."

Chaitanya Manne

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