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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Star Talk: Parvati Melton's Designer Wear!

Parvati Melton says that her costumes used in the film 'Allare Allari' would certainly enthrall the ladies once the film is released. The designs are very impressive and the ladies would love to get them stitched that way. Especially, the designer blouses are eye striking, she says. The same is conveyed through an anchor on a Television channel.

Well, this is another sort of publicity for the film as it is getting ready to release. The title specifies that it is an out and out comedy film. That way masses will be pulled to theaters. If this 'ladies aspect' is also added to the promotion, there would be good attendance of female audiences as well, as per the promotion team of the film. Let us see how this film reaches the maximum set of audiences.

Basheed produced the film in the direction of Muppalaneni Shiva and the inside talk says that the film has come out very well. Allari Naresh, Venu, Parvati Melton and Mallika Kapoor acted in lead roles in the film.

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