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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mani's 'Dubai Seenu' rules Telugu audio market again

Veteran composer Mani Sharma is flying high as his album 'Dubai Seenu' stages a comeback and tops the list.

The top Telugu albums are:

1. 'Dubai Seenu' - Popular numbers 'Kol kol' and 'Kanya raasi' are making waves again. Mani Sharma, known for his people-friendly 'masala' tunes, appears to have done a great job with the rhythm and Western beats for the album.

2. 'Satyabhama' - Post 'Desamudru', composer Chakri has made yet another winner. The music underlines the woman-centred theme of the film. 'Pyar karo' and 'Gundelona' are nice numbers.

3. 'Sivaji - the Boss' - After all, A.R. Rahman is A.R. Rahman. The music of 'Sivaji' grows on you, especially after watching the film and will retain its place in the top albums list for some more time.

4. 'Munna' - Engaging tunes composed by Harris Jayaraj are keeping the album in the list. 'Kadulu' in particular is a song that is likely to hold listeners' interest despite the film's disappointing performance at the box office.

5. 'Aadavari Matalaku Atthale Verule' - Yuvan Shankar Raja's music in the film could be classified as 'easy listening'. That is why the album remains on the list despite no particular outstanding rhythm.

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