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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Tollywood Film News 28-07-07

Chiru's political talk in SDZ
No one know Megastar intention towards politics. But it appears in his films every time from Indra to Tagore and now in SDZ. There is a dialogue about Megastar's political entry in the SDZ.

Simran's sari malfunctions...
Ever since the internet happened, just about everybody is extremely cautious about what is being recorded on camera. During her previous run, Simran didn't find herself in any “candid camera” controversies. That is one of the reasons why she is more than just cautious this time.
The following incident happened when she was working in an ad film for a masala brand. She was wearing a cotton sari for the shoot. The sari had crept up to the middle of her calf when she was shooting. As soon as she found out, she stopped shooting and insisted on seeing the clip.
She had the clip removed and saw to it that it was destroyed. Only then did she start shooting

Jagadeka veeruniki- good response from the audiences.
The song 'jagadeka veeruni ki' is high light in SDZ. The dance by Megastar, Srikanth, Nagbabu, Allu Arjun and Raviteja received good applause from mega fans in the theatre. The choreographer must ne appreciated for his excellent job in this song.

Shankar’s official announcement on Robot
Shankar is all set for his dream venture, supposedly his tour de force, entitled Robot, a gripping science fiction thriller with none other than the King Khan of Hindi films in the lead role. Shah Rukh who had watched Sivaji was reportedly very impressed with the film and has agreed to not only feature in Shankar’s next project but has also agreed to produce it under his Red Chilies Entertainment. The movie will be the second Hindi film for Shankar whose earlier Nayak, a remake of Tamil blockbuster Mudalvan had made people sit up and take notice of him.
Robot with all its latest techno wizardry will be released in Tamil ,Telugu and other languages. The crew details are yet to be finalized. This is an official statement from the Shankar camp itself. So viewers, gear up for Robot.

Prem Rakshith to rock with Yamadonga.
Prem Rakshitha is the new choreographer who is doing two songs for Yamadonga of NTR. He is composing the steps for Nachore Nachore... and Yavadee Ghajadonga.... in NTR's Yamadonga . The promos of these songs are already on TV screens. NTR is looking different in those steps after Simhadri.
Shindhe speaks that dialogue ' Veedi valakam chustunte Rajakeeyalaloki vachchese la kanapaduthunnadu'.The response for this dialogue from the audience was huge

'SDZ -Super hit'-NTR
'SDZ - super hit', this is the response of NTR after watching the film at Prasad's multiplex , screen 3 today morning. He watched the film with Rajamouli and M L Kumara Choudary.
This should cultivate polite culture among the fans of different stars.

Young King from Tollywood- open kiss in the pub.
His name defines King, he is the young hero from Tollywood. He has the habit of attending pubs in the evening. He spent his last evening in the Touch pub.
He came along with his friends, after few mugs of beer, he was on the other table and chatting with a middle aged good looking aunt. Finally finished with open kiss in the pub itself. It looked like a scene from the movie, but not- it is off screen shot.

Opposition to Shriya's film in Pakistan
They have bus services and train services and conduct international talks and wave the peace flag. But Indian cinema is not allowed to be screened in theaters in Pakistan. Now and then a film is screened with special permission, but this is not taken into account!
But Indian film DVDS are sold there illegally. Indian film audio sales are very good in Pakistan. It is usual for Madrasas there to preach to kids that seeing films and hearing music are Satanic pursuits and armed with lathis, the errant shop owners are warned in a 'friendly' threat.
The Hindi film 'Aavaaraapan' was running well in Pakistan. It stars Imraan Hasmi and Shriya, who depended heavily on this film to step into Bollywood. This film was not produced by an Indian company, so there was no problem to releasing it there.
But the fact is that 'Aavaaraapan' is a Hindi film and conservatives as well as Pakistani producers demanded that the film should not be screened. In fact, Pakistan producers have filed a case for a stay order on the film being screened in Pakistan.
So, Shriya's film could soon be chased back to Indian boundaries!

Will SDZ beat Pokiri?
Mahesh Babu and Poori Jagannath made the magic to put Pokiri on top of the Tollywood by breaking all earlier records. It was heard that the film had collected Rs 40 crores. The film is still running in Bagheeratha theatre in Karnool and completed 400 days.
SDZ is releasing with 350 prints and 550+ tomorrow. If SDZ is to beat Pokiri, the film should maintain the same momentum for 7 weeks. The film is expected to collect Rs 20 crores in the first week.

Dhammunnodu -Rishi
Lacchuram productions banner is making a film Dhammunnodu with Rishi in the lead.B V V Choudary is directing the film.Rishi is playing a police officer role.Yuktha is the heroine. Vandematharam Srinivas is composing the music.

Pawan not to attend Open Court?
Pawan's lawyer Rammurty has disclosed that Pawan Kalyan is suppose to attend the Family court on 31st July. He says ' Pawan isn't showing interest to attend open court, as he might face problems with his fans' .The Lawyer said that the enquiry may go on in camera court.
On the other hand, Nandini didn't come out to speak with media and her lawyer says that she is not well.
Police says that they couldn't get the complete evidence in this case so far. And police is likely to go to Shirdi to find out the facts.

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