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Friday, July 27, 2007

Buzz: Ileana stalked by a crazy fan!

The Glamour dolls and the fans share a very symbiotic relationship but at times some fans can go to extremes with their obsessions.

Lately Ileana felt the brunt of a crazy fan. She was bombarded with calls from different numbers. Though she ignored the calls and tried to avoid it, the man hounded her, according to sources close to her. Apparently the caller even abused her for not taking his calls.
When Ileana had gone to a local studio for a photo- shoot, the anonymous caller apparently threatened her and told her that he was aware of her every move.
According to her friends, Ileana was completely disturbed because he knew every personal detail about her which was really scary.
They said that then she filed a complaint with the Police against the stalker who was harassing her.
When contacted the sexy actress didn't want to comment on the issue, she just said, "I would rather not talk about it".

Yes, silence is the best remedy many times.

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