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Friday, July 20, 2007

Buzz: Posani's Big Trial For TDP Ticket!

Gossip says that Posani Krishna Murali is seriously trying to impress Chandrababu Naidu in all the possible ways. He believes that TDP comes to power in coming elections and wishes to take at least a little cake before that.

It is said that the close friends of Posani encouraged him to get the MLA ticket and contest in coming elections from TDP. Hence he is making the film 'Apada Mokkula Vaadu' in which he is going to blast Congress and its rule directly in some scenes and indirectly in other scenes as per the gossip. Even in 'Operation Duryodhana' he chanted 'Samaikyandhra vaadam', with which TDP makes its move.

If it attracts Chandrababu, then Posani may get the cake he expects. Let us see if this grapevine comes true.

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