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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Asin unavailable for two years

From Malluwood to Bollywood, Asin's style and performance have won praise for the actress, and all eyes are riveted upon her.
At present the actress is having three projects in Hindi and two in Tamil, right now Malayalam producer is willing to book the actress because of her huge fees. The actress's present salary is equal to that of a medium budget Malayalam film!
Recently when a Tamil producer approached Asin for his next project with Ajith, she refused to accept the offer, which subsequently went into Shreya's hands.
Both her Tamil movies, Dasavatharam with Kamal, and Vel with Surya, are expected to be completed by the end of this month after these films, Asin plans to settle down permanently in Mumbai. when media queried Asin about her refusal to Tamil films, she said: "Haiyoo... you are the 100 th person asking this question. How can I forget the Tamil film world? I've never bothered about the language and the salary before acting in a film. I give preference to the story and the character being offered to me. I will be accepting new Tamil films only after fulfilling my commitments in Hindi. That would be by the end of 2008 only..."
So, the producers of Tollywood or Kollywood now have to wait for nearly 2 years to get Asin for their new movies.

Good luck to asin

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