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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Spotlight : I want the money, honey

Woman with 2 husbands wants to leave one after inheriting Rs 2 crore from aunt

BANGALORE: A recent case filed at the Women’s Helpline has left its employees shocked.
A 53-year-old woman, who has been living with two husbands for 30 years, now intends to leave her first husband after inheriting Rs 2 crore from her deceased aunt only because she doesn’t want to share the property with him.
Lakshmi married Manohar, (names changed to protect identity) who is also her maternal uncle, over 30 years back. Manohar is a retired officer with the Indian Railways.
A few years after marriage, they shifted to Mumbai. It was there, that Lakshmi met Sunil, who was Manohar’s subordinate at work. They fell in love and eloped. She returned to Bangalore leaving Manohar and their son in Mumbai.
According to a source, “Manohar knew about her affair, but said that he was helpless.”
Manohar left everything behind and followed Lakshmi to Bangalore.
According to Manohar, he and Lakshmi compromised and agreed to live along with the second husband.
For the past 30 years, Manohar, Lakshmi, Sunil and their children have all been living under one roof.
But after Lakshmi inherited Rs 2 crore from her aunt, Sunil wanted Manohar to leave the house.
So, Lakshmi approached the Women’s Helpline Centre seeking help to get rid of her first husband. “We told them that we couldn’t help,” the source added.

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