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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Kamalini Enjoying With Allari Naresh's Company!

Kamalini Mukherjee is now acting with Allari Naresh in the film 'Pellaindi Kaani' that is being canned in the direction of EVV Satyanarayana. The shooting of the film is taking place in Patti Seema. It is said that Kamalini is really enjoying the company of Allari Naresh although found reserved initially. She is entertaining to the jokes cracked by Naresh and she finds EVV team as jovial of all.
A song was also shot on Abhinayasree recently at the same place.

The film is set to complete the shooting part by the end of August and will be going for RR from September. Tentatively the film may release as Dasara boon for Telugus. It is being made with sentiment and comedy blend. The story is given by Bhagyaraja.

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