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Friday, July 20, 2007

Gudipoodi: From 'Sneham' to 'Mee Sreyobhilashi'!

If anybody starts listing the titles of some memorable films, enjoyed by entire family, the list invariably gets dominated by comedies featuring Rajendra Prasad as hero.

Between ‘SNEHAM’ of 1977 and ‘SREYOBHILASHI’ of 2007 under production, the film career of Rajendra Prasad is spread over three decades. In U.S., Australia, New Zealand and U.K. or any nation you think of where Telugus live, you will invariably find in their library, the CDs of Rajendra Prasad films either directed by Bapu or Jandhyala, or Vamsee or S.V.Krishna Reddy or any other comedy maker, with sense of humor.

Rajendra Prasad is celebrating his 51st birth day Today.

On this day Prasad prides in himself, with expression of happiness, that he is the only hero who created a special image for himself, much away from the routine romantic and action dramas. If you call any one a comedy hero, it is one and only Rajendra Prasad. But that does not mean he suits only comedy. His first best actor Nandi award winning film ‘Erra Mandaram’ to the recent ‘AA Naluguru’ some of his films reveal him as a total actor. He knows the difference between a ‘Star’ and an ‘Actor’. He says he is very happy to stay in the ‘Actor’group, that gave him an opportunity to play many entertaining roles.

‘Sneham’, his first film was made by Bapu-Ramana team introducing this lanky young man to the screen in a small role. But that was his first step to climb up the steep staircase of recognition.

The role he played in ‘Ramarajyamlo Bhimaraju’ turned his career. Then there was ‘Lady’s Tailor’ that turned him into a comedy hero. Then 'Erra Mandaram', projected him as a serious actor. ‘Pelli Pusthkam’ a relieving comedy and Mr.Pellam turned out to be great comedy.

He thanks Madan who wrote the script for ‘AA Naluguru’ and Chandra Siddartha who directed it, for giving him an artistic break once again. He never thought he would become a hero one day. He feels that becoming a hero, these days, is very easy. But they cannot sustain themselves in that position, unlike in olden days when it took a long time for an actor to become a hero. But once they got it they stayed in that position for a long time. Rajendra Prasad is said to be playing a role in Hollywood movie titled ‘Quick Gun Murugan’, sounding it Tamil. It is a comedy depicting a peculiar war between vegetarians and Non-vegetarians. He is playing a South Indian Cow Boy. In the field of Comedy Rajendra Prasad continues to be Comedy King. His motto seems to be to ‘remember the ‘past’, act in the ‘present’ and never think of ‘future’.

http://indfilmnews.blogspot.com/’ wishes him on this day for his great ‘future’.

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