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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Trisha Never Endorsed Any Massage Center?

Trisha has been in controversies apart from taking big place in film news. She is known for dancing in midnight on roads after consuming alcohol. She is also known for getting into quarrel with a Police Officer's wife after drinking wild. She was alleged with a nude bathroom video before all this. Now, the news is about her Oil Massage video.
Trisha's oil massage video has been making rounds in internet. There is no morphing in that but that true Trisha. Had she endorsed any Kairali Ayurvedic massage center?
When asked her mother, she said that Trisha didn't endorse anything of that sort. She also said that's he is totally unaware of that video. To give clarification on this Trisha is not available.
Then where does this video come from? Is it taken intentionally taken by someone. Even then, the video appears that it cannot be canned without the knowledge of Trisha. This mystery is yet to be unleashed.

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