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Friday, July 20, 2007

Had Mahatma Gandhi Misinterpreted 'SEX'?

India is the country that has given Kama Sutra to the world. India is the nation that divinized sex and took it to the temple sculpture as well. But today, Indians are poor in sex education when compared to other parts of the world, as per the statistics. Why is that so? Is sex education really required? If not, why we taught the world, Kama Sutra?

Let us see how people in Hyderabad respond to this:
Veteran film actor Tanikella Bharani said, "Sex education is good. But teaching that for school children is a trash. From ants to elephants every being on earth is enjoying sex without any teacher. Should a man need Sex-Guru? Sex education is required for elders only to control growing population".
This is a notion that is being supported by many. But in recent days due to the explosion of media channels and internet, even the high school children are getting open to nudity, sex and intercourse positions. That is resulting in disturbance and hence a master is required to educate them. Otherwise, they may end up either as perverts or lose their regular track thinking something about sex that makes no sense.
But there are other groups among the parents those say that 'sex education' and talking openly about sex in front of children is a silent way of encouraging them to have sex in safe mode.

'Sex' has been wrongly perceived by many Indians in modern times including the Father of the Nation, say some. Mahatma Gandhi said that sex is lust, and lust is bad, and children are born of lust. This has shown negative impact in many minds.
"Even many of the films made in India have shown sex is a sin and it should be done only for begetting children", says an Andrologist.
Sexologists support sex education and they hardly say something far from practicality. They always say to have safe sex and never say to enjoy that only with life partner. Even the 'Aasha' and other Aids campaigns are saying the same-'Use Helmet'. The campaign itself is a big sex education for children as well.
Sexologists like Dr G Samaram say, "Sex is a wonderful experience in human life. But many are not enjoying it due to ignorance. Sex education helps the married couples bond together for ever".
To sum up, sexology in India and Indian schools is still a debatable issue.

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