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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Screen Talk: NTR Inspired Hansika!

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NTR has undergone bariatric treatment and reduces 26.5 kgs surprisingly. He is now looking stunningly slim and about to hit the floors for the film 'Kantree'. Desamuduru fame Hansika is pairing up with him. This sexy doll also reduced her weight and looking very slim.

So, we will have Mr Slim and Miss Slim on screen for 'Kantree'. Hansika must have got inspired by NTR in this matter. We may see a right match in this film.

Hansika, although looked little plump in 'Desa Muduru', she looted the hearts of many teenagers. She was even pleasing for the eyes of several audiences. Now we have to see how she enthralls with her slimmed figure.

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