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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Music Albums To Elevate Chiranjeevi


Chiranjeevi is now facing huge media attention as there are many assumptions about his political entry. On the other hand his fans are also keen in elevating his profile in bigger way through the means they know. Now a few fans of Chiranjeevi including the singers like Raghu Kunche are making an album that speaks about the service motive, charitable activities and many more.

The songs will also become promotion tools if Chiranjeevi wishes to set up a political party.

It's indeed a few years ago, a song was written on Chiranjeevi in the film 'Fans', that goes, "Anjaneyudu Chiranjeevi Ata..Ashwaththama Chiranjeevi ata…varu chiranjeevulu avuno kaadho naaku theliyadu..naaku thelisina Chiranjeevi okkadey..okkadey okkadey mega star okkadey.."

Now we have to see how these songs from new album sound.

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