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Monday, October 8, 2007

Buzz: Will Babu 'Use and Throw' Roja?

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This is the impression that people are holding now. Roja has got hot cine glamour and still she is in the cognitions of people as a beautiful actress. She was given Telugu Mahila President's chair and Roja is now on her job. She also started throwing cold water on Chiranjeevi indirectly saying that Cine glamour may not bring success in politics. But what is she doing???

"Are people and Chandrababu Naidu recognizing her political and service abilities? Even Chandrababu is very keen that his party needs some cine glamour. He used Jayaprada long back and thrown her out later. She went to Mulayam Singh Yadav and enjoyed respect in UP for sometime. Will Chandrababu do the same thing with Roja? If that happens, Roja has to go to Tamilnadu to find place for her. Right now it is said that Chandrababu is worried for the over-response that Roja is getting while going into public. Babu always fears if anybody grows beyond his expectations in his own party, said a TDP MLA off the record.

We have to see if Roja's plight goes like that of Jayaprada.

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