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Monday, October 8, 2007

Reel Talk: Puri's 'Nenanthe' With Ravi Teja

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Right now Puri Jagannath is in the happiness of 'Chirutha' and also about to announce his next film. It was said earlier that Puri is going to do a film with Pawan Kalyan with the title 'Nenanthe'.

But now the Film Nagar sources say that Puri is going to make the film with Ravi Teja with the same title. The title got registered long back. The reasons are not known why Puri changed the hero at last.

But Ravi Teja on the other hand is about to 'Bezawada Bujji' with Vinayak. Puri also announced that he is doing 'Bujjigadu made in Chennai' with Prabhas. So, when this Puri-Ravi Teja combination sees light? Will that be immediate or takes time? That has to be seen. Already Puri gave big hits to Ravi Teja with the films 'Itlu Sravani Subrahmanyam', 'Idiot' and 'Amma Nanna Oka Tamil Ammaayi'.

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