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Monday, October 8, 2007

Snippet: Mahesh Babu Applauds Mani Sharma

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Mahesh Babu keeps silent in general with media. He hardly comes out for a talk regularly. But he applauds music director Mani Sharma for the wonderful music given for 'Athidhi'.

He said single line, "Mani never disappointed me. He gave the best music for me all the while".

Mahesh Babu said this when asked him why he preferred Mani Sharma for the music of 'Athdhi'. All the songs in the album have scored well where 3 of them were written by Seetarama Sastry, one by Chandrabose, and one by Vishwa and one by Bhaskara Bhatla.

The songs are standing on top in the chartbusters list of the week in all big music hubs. FM Channels are also playing the songs from the album in big way al the while.

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