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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Press Note: Yama Donga 50days Gala in USA

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Yama Donga has completed 50 days and the occasion was celebrated with lot of fanfare in Dallas, USA on October 6th, Saturday evening. Touring Talkies ( Hollywood Theaters), US distributor Raman Sanchula, and local NTR fans have arranged festivities like never before. On Saturday morning at 11:30 am, Ananda Lahari ( Popular telugu radio program on Radio Salaam Namaste 104.9 FM) has done a 50 days special on Yama Donga. NTR and Rajamouli came live on the program and shared the emotions with Dallas people. All the Radio station phone lines were jammed with calls during the program.

To celebrate the first 50 days continuous run for NTR overseas, a special show is scheduled for all the fans at 9:30 pm. About 320 people attended the show. The festivities started at 8:30 pm. The whole event was vibrant and colorful with NTR fans, kids, families, balloons, 50 days cake, whistles, specially decorated RV for Yama Donga, Yama Donga songs in background, Champagne. and photoflashes. About 200 TANTEX ( Telugu Association of North Texas) members who had a special screening of Yama Donga at 6 PM have also joined the celebrations. While Happy Days was going house full on the next screen, over 500 people have watched and enjoyed Yama Donga on Saturday celebrating 50 days.

It was a party time in Dallas for all Yama Donga fans!!

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