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Monday, October 8, 2007

City Buzz: 'Smell' From Multiplex Confused People

A bunch of friends, a leisurely Sunday afternoon, a multiplex, an uber-cool movie! It sounded like a good combo, especially since the Hindi movie promised to be a laugh riot. But those who went to the multiplex last Sunday were left confused as they wondered where they had landed. As they waited in the corridors with the movie being nearly 20 minutes behind schedule, the crowd got to inhale the aromas wafting out of the numerous corn counters, making the space smell like a restaurant. Finally when the doors to the theatre opened, a strong smell of disinfectant welcomed them. Worse, the air-conditioned hall retained that smell throughout the show, making people wonder if they were at a hotel, hospital, public toilet or a movie hall. Finally, while some made good use of their body sprays and jasmines in their hair, others preferred to walk out even before the interval. Now it would be nice of movie houses used more and better air fresheners.

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