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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Will charan dance to the tunes of Keeravani?

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Rajamouli-Ramcharan combination has created lot of curiosity around who would be the music director?.

Rajamouli is for known for having mass numbers in his films and that has worked with only M.M.Keeravani who happens to be his uncle. Whereas after S.P. Parusuram (1994) , Chiru has not worked with Keeravani . Though their combination has produced musical blockbusters like Gharana Mogudu , Apadbhandavdu etc.

For some reason, Chiru has not preferred Keeravani for his films. Chiru is known to be personally presiding over all the minor details of his son's Movies. It would be interesting to see if he okays with Keeravani or forces Rajamouli to work with another music director. Either ways it's going to be sensational combination.

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