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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Prem Rakshit: 'Hair Raising Looking At NTR'

Prem Rakshit is one of the choreographers for 'Yamadonga'. He is from Chennai and speaks broken Telugu. He shared his experience with Rajamouli and NTR this way.
"Yamadonga is my third film with Rajamouli. I worked for 'Chatrapathi' and 'Vikramarkudu' so far. Now I composed 2 dances for 'Yama Donga'. One is 'Noonugu Meesalodu' shot at Vizag. The other one is 'Nachore..' canned on floor. I have to tell an experience here. I imagined a step two years ago and never dared to attempt that on anyone. I always tried that and never able to do that fully. While I was practicing that Rajamouli watched me and said the step is really wonderful and it should be there in the film. Then I was worried. It was becoming very difficult for me and I wondered how NTR can do that. If the leg twists in practice itself, the problem will be very big. But I dared to show that step to NTR with lot of effort. NTR said, "It's cool" and did that in first attempt itself. The very next day, the shooting was over. My hair on my hands stood up while watching NTR doing that step. He is really marvelous".
The step was revealed out in a trailer but lasted only for a few seconds. It is said that the step lasts for quite a long time in the dance.

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