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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Rell Buzz: Trisha Shouts On Gossip Mongers!

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It appears as if Trisha got vexed up by Gossip Mongers. She is shouting on them for writing nasty things about her. She said that she is very happy and the gossip mongers are putting her in trouble all the time writing something inappropriate.

It is said that a Tamil tabloid wrote that she attempted suicide due to personal problems as her father deserted her family. Trisha condemned that and expressed her anger on the ones those brought this gossip.

Indeed, Trisha didn't say anything about her video imbroglio and getting reprimanded by police when she was dancing on roads in drunken stage. So, should we consider them as truths?

Well, we may believe that bathroom video aspect of Trisha was a morphed one and gossip. But what about Trisha's body massage video? She has no answer for that.

There will be no smoke without fire. So, there wouldn't be any gossip without some truth.

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