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Monday, August 6, 2007

Hyd Buzz: Nag Grabs Tabu-Amala Smiles!

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The evening of Film Fare Award ceremony became a platform of heat. The ladies looked shining like angels and the men looked like cupids.
Of all, Tabu turned every body's heads with her back-open blouse and tempting cleavage show. Hearts of everyone palpitated looking at the secret cleavage of her and the cameras made vain attempt to get away from her. She hugged Amitabh Bachchan on stage very passionately and that turned a big attraction of the event. Even Amitabh hugged her equally passionate holding her open-back area of blouse. The hug is so close and tight that air couldn't pass through between Big B and Tabu. That's all one aspect.
Apart from this when Tabu was called on to the stage, she was walking fast passing Nag and Amala who were sitting in first row, without noticing. Nag grabbed her hand literally and Amala smiled happily looking at his hubby's mischief with Tabu. Tabu overwhelmed with pleasant surprise as Nag grabbed her.
On the other hand Sangeetha went to Abbas and hugged him with passion. Ali spent his time with Kamna Jethmalani. Entire event has gone with tight passionate hugs and ….! Good show indeed.

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