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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Reel Talk: What makes Kamna Jetmalani busy?

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She came with great expectations. She could bag some meaty roles in Tollywood as well.

Despite her overzealous entry, actress Kamna Jetmalani had no big hits to her credit. A string of flops would have ruined an actress' career but she managed to pull it off well. The girl knows that talent only doesn't get opportunities. She managed to go under the wings of a well known producer of southern films.

Her long wait for a break is likely to end if everything goes smoothly as per her efforts. We hear that the producer has signed her for his next film and the hot bombshell is ready to flaunt her curves if required.

Established actresses thought of companions only in mid thirties, but Jetmalani started that much earlier, says insiders.

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