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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Krishna Bhagawan Becomes First Choice

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Do you know the first choice of TV and FM radio interviewers when given a slot to interview a comedian? That's no more Venu Madhav. He has become out dated for many.

Now the fresh choice is Krishna Bhagawan as he answers in a very subtle and humorous way. Almost all the TV channels are running behind him to pull him for any of the show on their channel. Even FM Channels are doing the same. Recently, ETV grooved him along with other comedians for 'Yahoo' show by Prabhakar. After that he was called in to a solo interview which he used that as a platform to make people laugh with his typical timing in answering.

Right now, Krishna Bhagawan is claiming a big sum of Rs 1 lakh per call sheet in films, which is just next to Sunil. If 'John Appa Rao' materializes we may see Krishna Bhagawan giving competition for Sunil as well. But the analysts say that Krishna Bhagawan can never be a competition for Sunil as the school of comedy is completely different between the two.

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