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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Hyd Talk : Creative Director Slaps His Hero!

It is learned that Creative director joined the league of director Teja in slapping artists.
The creative director of Tollywood lost his cool on the sets of his latest film with buding artists.
He got agitated when his hero did not perform as per his expectations and allegedly slapped him.

A source said, "Our creative director kept explaining a scene to hero who plays a village boy in the film. He wanted him to perform in a particular manner, but the actor was not getting it right. So director screamed at him and the two got in to an argument which resulted in director slapping him."
When contacted one of the unit members said, "It was just an argument but now it has been solved". Insider says the director is a task master and never loses his temper. But what happened on the sets is a surprise to all.
Ok, we agree direction is a highly stressful job but slapping doesn't make it easy!

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