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Friday, December 7, 2007

Chitchat with Venkatesh

Venkatesh’s birthday is coming up on 13th of December. His latest film Tulasi created a record by running for 50 days in 225 centers. Here are the excerpts -

What is going to be your next film?
I always plan something whenever I want to take up a project. But ultimately I end choosing one from the ones I get in my way. I never believe in desperately chasing any project or proposition. Lots of guys are coming to me with a heavy action subject. But I want to do a simple story with breezy romance and lots of comedy.

When will your next project start?
I am listening to various scripts. I will be able to take a decision by this month end. And after that it would typically take a couple of months to launch the project.

What kind of films you want to do?
Audience always expect sincere projects from me. I can’t get away with average films like other heroes. Audience outrightly reject me whenever I did a bad film. Hence it is my responsibility to make at least a minimum guarantee project.

There had been comments that Tulasi had lots of violence?
People saw me in action-less films like Raja, Vasantham, Malliswari, Nuvvu Naaku Nachav, Sankranthi, AMAV etc. When you look from a comparative angle, there is more violence in Tulasi. But if you look it as a normal action film, the violence in Tulasi is completely justified from the character point of view.

What is your response on Chiranjeevi entering politics?
He has not made it public officially yet. I am well wisher of the entire film industry and whenever somebody is venturing into politics from films, I always felt happy. I am going to talk about it when he announces it openly.

Why are you not making any multistarrers?
Show me a bound script and I will start my work in a multistarrer from tomorrow. No director is coming with a good subject.

Are you open for sequels of your own films?

Which films do you prefer?
I love to do sequels of Bobbili Raja and Gharshana. Bobbili Raja has lots of action/thrill/adventure in it. Gharshana is a slick cop flick with thrilling episodes.

Who is the best among the heroines you worked with?
We cannot compare on one scale as each heroine worked for some limited characters in my films. Hence I am going to talk about the character based roles. I loved the way Revathy played the intense Maggie character in Prema film. I also liked the roles of Soundarya and Sridevi in Pavitra Bandham and Kshanakshanam respectively.

Lots of production houses are entering into TV media. Do you have any plans?
I may not produce TV serials. But I will definitely act in TV serials once I retire. I am sure that I am going to enjoy acting in TV. When I was in USA I used to watch lots of TV compared to films.

Did you watch Happy Days?
It is a fantastic film. I sent flowers to the entire team of Happy Days after watching it. I always wanted to work with the directors of Sekhar Kammula’s sensibilities. I will do a film with Sekhar Kammula soon. The success of Happy Days sends right signals to the young directors.

You are a cricket fan. What’s your opinion on present Indian cricket?
I am happy that Kumble is made as captain of Test cricket. He is the right guy to lead us. He is more mature and a well balanced cricketer. I will be traveling to Australia to watch Indian cricket tour in March 2008.

When are you going to direct films?
I am still not cutout for direction. I can help and give some ideas in scripting stage. I am capable of judging the scripts and I can do 60% right.

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