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Friday, December 7, 2007

Talk: Anushka Opens Lips about Her 'Hips'

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This is a talk that has come out from a unit member of the film in which Anushka is playing a heroine now. It seems that Anushka is now worried about her bulging hips. She told one of her friends that she is worried for that and also facing some comments from the people in her circles.

It seems that she said, "I have faced comments about my hip with the film 'Lakshyam'. I'm not looking comfortable while wearing jeans".

So, we may see Anushka going for figure correction if she considers that to be serious problem. But her vital stats are not so odd now. Many like Anuskha with that hour glass figure only. On a whole she has number of films in hand now. Apart from Don, Okka Magadu, Swagatham and Arundhathi she has 2 more films those were lined up. She is also the most expensive actress in Tollywood. Then why should she worry for her hip!

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