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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Buzz: Tear Jerking Faces Of 'Mantra' Team

Mantra' director Tulasi Ram and the producers Kalyan Ram and Ravi Prakash are seen with tears in eyes. Well, they are the tears of overwhelming happiness. They have made the film 'Mantra' by taking many pains. They invested and struggled big to bring it to theatres. Distributors didn't come forward and hence they have released it on their own holding some doubt. But the result is tremendously good with whopping collections. The openings are big and the sustenance is also impressive.

They have no money in hand to roll on trailers for three days before the release of the film. They released it just like that on Friday. But now they started showing trailers on small screen only from last evening as they got confident on their film.

Now the team is going to enjoy 100% returns on the film as there are no distributors amidst. Thanks to Charmy for pulling crowds.

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