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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Screen Talk: Allu Arjun Is Only Romeo!

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There has been a talk about the title of Allu Arjun's film that is being made in the direction of Bommarillu Bhasker and production of Dil Raju. Initially the title 'Varadhi' has seen light. But that is ruled out now as that's sounding old and holding no punch. Then the title 'Premikudu' had come into discussion. Even that was ruled out as that received no positive applause from people. Now the title 'Romeo' that was announced before the beginning of shooting may be finalized. The title got good response.

There is discussion on the caption of it as well. 'In search of Juliet', 'I need a Juliet' and 'For Love of Love and With Love' are the tag lines those are making rounds. Among these, 'I Need a Juliet' is picked up from the song 'I'm a Romeo-I need a Juliet'.

Let us wait for the official announcement of the same.

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