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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Star Talk: 'I Learnt Less Yoga and More Love'

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Bhoomika talked to media last evening as a part of promotion for the film 'Anasuya'. After saying about the film and its thrilling aspects she answered a few questions posed by journalists. When asked to say if she practices yoga with her hubby Bharath Thakur she said, "I turned acquaint to him only in yoga classes. But I learnt less yoga and more love at him", Bhomika had broken into a laughter.

Saying about the difference between Bollywood and Tollywood she said, "I feel there are more disciplinary aspects in Tollywood than in Bollywood. Apart from that everything is same here and there. After all, film making is nothing but taking on emotions to celluloid irrespective of language. It is true that Bollywood caters for large set of audiences and Tollywood is confined to limited set of Telugu speaking people. Hence the budget matter varies to some extent between the two".

Saying about her future goals she said, "I want to play comedy shortly. I don't want to bring boredom for people by portraying same kind of roles all the time. I want to be versatile on screen".

In entire interview, Bhoomika projected herself as a sane and shrewd lady with balance in speech. Well, she said nothing new but uttered everything that can be easily expected.

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