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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Rumors: Comedians' Love for That Sexiest Vamp

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Bhuwaneshwari, a well known on-screen vamp, has become the 'hot' favorite for many comedians in the industry.

Inside sources say that two comedians Raghu Babu and Lakshmipathi are trying to get close to Bhuwaneshwari in all possible ways. In fact Bhuwaneshwari is 'very co-operative' with selective few but she has some reservations for others. Raghu Babu is frequently in touch with her and giving her some gifts, says the gossips. Lakshmipathi is also trying in his own way to lure that lady. This comedians Vs vamp love track is giving entertainment for many.

Bhuwaneshwari is now 'co-operative and friendly' with Ali and Brahmanandam as per inside sources. So Raghu Babu and Lakshmipathi are also trying to join that group.

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