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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Reel Talk: Brahmanandam Fulfilling 'Dream Role'

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Brahmanandam is now in the stage of self actualization. He could see himself in Guinness Book of World Records by acting in 754 films in such short span of time.

Now he wants to fulfill his life time dreams those are linked up to his profession. He says that he is wishing to act in a film by playing the roles of son, father and grand father. He says that he wants to do that serious film but not a comedy one. He wants to take that film for film festivals it seems and he is ready with the script. He is awaiting a producer for the same.

He shared that he is too serious in real life although comical on screen. Brahmanadam is very good at playing sentimental and pathos roles and his mono-action as a son who lost his mother proved wonderfully good and touching (he did that 20 years ago and used to be relayed on Doordarshan). He also acted in 'Babai Hotel' which was made with pathos. Brahmanadam wants to project himself as complete actor now by portraying varied roles.

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