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Friday, December 21, 2007

First New Year for Chiru without Srija

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Film star Chiranjeevi thinks that his second daughter Srija is lucky. His stardom went up after she was born. So Chiru had been making it a point, family sources point out, to celebrate important occasions with Srija. But now that Srija had left the family to marry a boy outside her caste and against the wishes of her family, Chiru may not be able to celebrate the new year with his daughter.

This is the first time that Chiru is missing Srija on January 1. If Chiru was busy shooting, Srija would call him up to say "daddy happy new year". But this time she may not get the chance what with film star's anger still simmering. She may not be able to greet even her mother.

So Srija and her husband Sirish will celebrate the new year on their own while the Chiru family may not venture to celebrate the event. After all, the love of dad and mom is greater than the love shown by children. They are yet to come out of the shock and may keep the new year a low key affair as they did on the Diwali and Dasara.

According to sources, Srija and Sirish are planning a big new year bash with their friends unmindful of the trauma and mental agony their family is undergoing.

1 comment:

svr said...

srija hurts chiru.

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