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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Chiru and Balayya Fans Need to Get Enlightened

Fans are too crazy about their stars and their expectations are also found incredible. They want to see the success of their hero as a politician like in movies. A group of fans assume that their star would be the CM of the state if steps into politics. Be it with Chiranjeevi or Balakrishna, the condition is same. Stars are not stars without fans. And if they go by the desire of fans, even the perils are to be faced by them. When Chiranjeevi was asked why he was not doing the films like 'Rudraveena', he said that his fans are not willing to see him in such kind of films and hence he is pinning only for action masala flicks. Now, fans are forcing him to announce new party and step into politics. Why Chiranjeevi is not responding in favor of fans now? He knows that fans cannot help him if he faces political perils. He also knows that reality is not cinema. But fans are unaware of that. They assume everything cinematic. Chiranjeevi's political knowledge is also very poor and things do not happen as they happened in the film 'Mutha Mestri'. In the films like 'Mutha Mestri' or 'Tagore' or 'Stalin', entire population of AP can be shown as fans to Chiranjeevi. But is that true in reality? How many votes can Chiranjeevi get from the fans and admirers of Chiranjeevi? Will that bring majority for him to form government? When NTR turned CM with TDP, there was only one powerful opposition at that time, which was Congress. Communists were never strong in AP. Now we have Congress, TDP, TRS, Lok Satta and many more! Can Chiranjeevi fight with all these?

Keeping that aside and coming to the issue of Balakrishna, his fans wish to see him as CM of AP. He got the legacy of acting from his father and fans wish to see him getting the legacy of CM's chair as well. In the film 'Veerabhadra', AS Ravi Kumar Choudary cracked some dialogues stating that Balayya has the charm to be CM (!) Now Balayya fans are making a movie with the title 'Balu..Balakrishna Ki Yama Fan'. This is to elevate the charisma of Balakrishna. Sreenivas is making the film on the banner of 'Sai Datta Productions'.

Well, what Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna have done to society? What is the caliber they have to reform society and show better days to live in? All that they did in the last 3 decades is acting, acting and acting before camera. Is that the criteria for becoming CM? Stars are also going uncomfortable with the over activeness of fans. Fans are being carried away by their own whims and fancies leaving deaf ear for their heroes' request for 'silence'. When the people get enlightened has to be seen.

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