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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Star Talk: Nagarjuna Revealed 'Don' Story

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It has been assumed by many that the Nagarjuna's 'Don' holds the same story of SRK's Don. But Lawrence condemned it and said, "It's the inspiration of no Bollywood flick. I feel Bollywood producers would come to take the rights of this Telugu Don once released".

Lawerence, the director cum choreographer cum music director cum actor of this film has been highly confident on its success. Out of curiosity when Nagarjuna was asked to say about the film 'Don', he revealed the line in it.

Nagarjuna revealed the line of the film 'Don' saying, "The story part is very simple if I narrate. It can be ended up in single line. It's a story between a Hyderabad Don and Mumbai Don. It's a power stunt. It's made in the standards of a Hollywood flick by composing every frame in an interesting way".

He also said, "My brother Lawrence asks me when I get marry. I quote a few features and say that I will get married when I find such girl. Then the song starts with the introduction of Anushka". That's about heroine introduction in the flick.

Well, we have to see how that power shift will be. Will that be like 'Basha' of Rajni Kanth?!

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