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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Screen Talk: Nag & Lawrence return with Don

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After almost a year since his last release, Nagarjuna’s is all set to rock the industry with another Christmas release, according to the grapevine Nagarjuna plays a double role and in one of the roles he is portrayed as a modern “robin hood” it will be exciting to see if he plays the villain too, this movie is all about the eternal fight between good and bad and according to Lawrence the story has been told in a never before fashion involving special sequences, elaborate sets and expensive computer graphics. Well the movie is two days away and will be entertaining to see what it is all about.

Another interesting find for the industry is in the form of Lawrence directing the music though it is not the first time a director has composed music for a movie Lawrence has done a wonderful job of compiling the music, in his long list of talents he is also playing the role of Nagarjuna’s brother which is supposed to be a crucial support role. It will be interesting to see his performance.

Nagarjuna’s recent hits have all been Christmas releases and optimistically this will not be any different. Nagarjuna has been a true versatile actor of recent times it is amazing to see him in various roles right from acting as eccentric male chauvinist to portraying annamaya he has done it with aplomb. Let’s hope that Don brings out the best in him.

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