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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Chiranjeevi Well-Wishers and Intellectuals meet

We the members of "Progressive Telugu forum" are organizing "Chiranjeevi Well-Wishers and Intellectuals" meet in Bay Area and Los Angeles. We would really appreciate if you could publish the following and help us in reaching out to all the like minded people.

Shekhar Seera,

Progressive Telugu Forum is organizing " CHANGE & HOPE" meets for Chiranjeevi Well-Wishers ,families,and Intellectuals on this Saturday(12/29) and Sunday (12/30) in Bay Area & Artesia, LA.

All the telugu people who are interested in bringing in CHANGE and looking for HOPE in current political system in AP are requested to attend these meets and air their opinion .

LA Area Meet -- http://www.chiruforap.com/la.htm

Bay Area Meet -- http://www.chiruforap.com/bayarea.htm

Those who are interested but not able to attend the meet are encouraged to visit www.chiruforap.com and sign the OnLine Petition to Dr Chiranjeevi.

Shekhar Seera,
General Secretary,
Progressvie Telugu Forum.

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