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Monday, December 17, 2007

Rumors: Nayantara Exposed And Bagged Rs 70 Lakh

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Keeping everything aside now, Nayantara got her focus pinned on career and being on top in industry. She exposed hot for the film 'Billa' and now her price was hiked up as per Kollywood sources. It is said that she is taking a sum of Rs 70 lakh for the film in which she is doing with Vijay shortly. That's really whopping and close to Trisha.

Talking about other aspect of Nayan, the actress may have become the queen of hearts for many people in Andhra Pradesh but sadly for her, her heart is still empty.

Speaking about love and its effects, Nayan mentioned that her first love has given her such a blow that she has decided to keep her heart under full control and discipline, not because she hates love but then the fear of love hurting her like it did now still runs in her mind. So she doesn't want to think about any such thing now and is focusing on her two upcoming projects. Well Nayan, love may not be for the unfortunate but it sure finds its way to your heart when it wants to, it is just a matter of time and the right choice.

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