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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Snippet: Pawan Kalyan 'Force' With Blankets

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Pawan Kalyan's fans have distributed blankets and rugs for the poor people living on foot paths on behalf of 'Common Man Protection Force'. The fans said that they are distributing these blankets in their Karimnagar zone after noticing the miserable plight if shivering poor people. A couple of TV channels covered this news last night. Manoj kumar new film teleedu

"Taking the inspiration from our hero Pawan Kalyan's motive to help the common man, we have come forward by distributing blankets and rugs for these footpath people. We are coming up with many such social activities those are within our reach voluntarily", said the fans.

That proves to be a good start. The CMPF is getting better media mileage to inspire the people towards social service activities.

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