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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Screen Talk: Nagarjuna Using MAA Completely

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Nagarjuna is using his channel MAA to complete extent for the promotion of his film 'Don' as well as the serial 'Yuva'. The trailers of Don are hitting the channel very frequently. Nag's interview is also relayed as 'Sunday Evening Special'

Nagarjuna says that he is very uncomfortable facing interviews and going into public and prefers a semi-solitude life. He said that he used the films Annamayya and Sree Ramadasu to be peaceful from everyone. He said, "During the shooting of those films I acted as if I were with devotional fervor and involved in the role, and hence not willing to speak with anyone. It's only an excuse but not completely true".

But he is comfortably giving long interviews now. But there is an exception. He is open only for his own channel, MAA.

He said that he has one unfulfilled wish and that is acting in folklore. "With the present technology and opportunities we have, we can make a very wonderful folklore".

Apart from sharing all these personal things, a week is going to be celebrated as 'Nagarjuna Week' on MAA TV. The films like Sankeertana, Ninne Pelladatha, Sisindree, Ajay, Seetha Rama Raju etc are going to be played on MAA for a week.

And above all, the trailers of his TV serial 'Yuva' are rolling for every 15 minutes on screen.

Nagarjuna learnt the necessity of media and he is exploiting his MAA completely.

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